Friday, 22 March 2013

A night out... what's that?

Hia Everyone,

It dawned on me the other day that I don't go out clubbing ever! I used to love it when I was younger and would spend ages in the bathroom getting ready after spending ages in the bedroom trying on every single outfit I owned. The bathroom was always the place I did my make up because it used to get everywhere and so on carpet was out of the I thought the bathroom mirrors were kinder to me ;)

I used to spend around 2 hours fannying around with different make up until I was called upon by my friends then would have to leave the bathroom looking like a bomb had hit it as I dashed out the door to the town.
Those were the days where 3am was just far too early....I wanted more! (Lucky if I can stay up past 12am nowadays)

So anyways...I wanted to create a look that you could wear and that I would wear if I went clubbing.

I really hope you like it? :)

If you are going clubbing this weekend? I'd love to see your make up looks so why not snap a picture and send them to me at and I will put together a collage of your gorgeous faces in my next blog :)

Zoom Zoom!
Lauren :)


Wendy Edmondson said...

I love the way that tone of gold really complements the green in your eyes! So lovely! Inspires me to be more daring with my colors :)

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Raspberrykiss said...

This is gorgeous! xo

Rae said...

love this look! :D

Chic Out of Town said...

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JB-Beauty said...

Hey Lauren what a good job you have done with this make-up look!
Really brings out the colour of your eyes. And who needs a night out, when you can get in your comfy PJ's and enjoy a brew in-front of the telly :) x

Wengie said...

I love your eyes :)!
Much love,