Saturday, 14 June 2008


Hia everyone,
Please leave all your make up requests here so I can keep a track of them in the one place.
I know I keep on going on about it but I get over 100 emails per day and thats just in youtube so this way it keeps everything together for me to find easily.

When you post your requests, I would appreciate some picture links so I have something to work from without having to trall the internet with the tiny bit of time I do have left in the day.

I am always more than happy to do the looks you ask for wiether they are celebrity, casual, natural or for specific eye colours! You name it!

Take care and thanks a million to everyone for being utterly fab!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My college course is coming to an end.

Hia everyone,
I havent got a load to tell you all this week because I havent been up to much except for college homework.
I had a lot that needed to be done and was quite behind. Its all done now though so I can get back in to doing what I enjoy which is my youtube, Barry m videos and also keeping up to date with you all because I do miss you and love those moments where I can stick around for video uploads and catch up with you all and say hia.

My college course is finished in two weeks so I will have that spare tuesday night for loads more videos :) I find that exciting yet sad because I will miss all the girls form my class who I have made "friends" yes friends with :) If you saw the BBC programme? Friends were not something I had. I mean I have the odd friend who I can say Hia to when I am out and about or when I go places I know a lot of the staff so I can have friendly chats with them.

I go to a local cafe often because I love coffee as you all may know and also there are some girls there who I realy get on with, But that word friend to me would be some one who you had total trust with and who would never let you down and I have to admit I havent come across some one like that often. There is one girl who I do get on great with and she has helped me out on several occasions when I have been at college and needed a client. She has came on time, been there, helped me and I cant thank her enough for that.

Im dead excited this week because I have been setting up all my payment systems for my new website. I plan on having a good sized website/store where I will be selling all sorts of luxury, bargain, basic and extravagent make up products & acsessories.
It will take a while to get everything in stock because I have a lot of saving to do but I am getting there and determined to make a good go of it for me and my little boy.

I will have every professional brush set that you could possibly need with every brush you can imagine in them. I have to say they are great and I have them already to be added to my new website store. I will be keeping a set of each and building my own collection from them for my own personal use and professional work use.
I hope to have my certificate from my beauty course so I can just hit the sky and do what I want as a registered make up artsist.
I have a wonderful feeling about this year and so far its been the best I can remember in a long while. A lot of whats happened is all down to you so I cant thank you all enough for that.

I will be using my sets I kept for my youtube and barry m tutorials so you will get to see them in action and what their uses are.

Take care everyone and speak to you all soon,