Saturday, 14 June 2008


Hia everyone,
Please leave all your make up requests here so I can keep a track of them in the one place.
I know I keep on going on about it but I get over 100 emails per day and thats just in youtube so this way it keeps everything together for me to find easily.

When you post your requests, I would appreciate some picture links so I have something to work from without having to trall the internet with the tiny bit of time I do have left in the day.

I am always more than happy to do the looks you ask for wiether they are celebrity, casual, natural or for specific eye colours! You name it!

Take care and thanks a million to everyone for being utterly fab!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My college course is coming to an end.

Hia everyone,
I havent got a load to tell you all this week because I havent been up to much except for college homework.
I had a lot that needed to be done and was quite behind. Its all done now though so I can get back in to doing what I enjoy which is my youtube, Barry m videos and also keeping up to date with you all because I do miss you and love those moments where I can stick around for video uploads and catch up with you all and say hia.

My college course is finished in two weeks so I will have that spare tuesday night for loads more videos :) I find that exciting yet sad because I will miss all the girls form my class who I have made "friends" yes friends with :) If you saw the BBC programme? Friends were not something I had. I mean I have the odd friend who I can say Hia to when I am out and about or when I go places I know a lot of the staff so I can have friendly chats with them.

I go to a local cafe often because I love coffee as you all may know and also there are some girls there who I realy get on with, But that word friend to me would be some one who you had total trust with and who would never let you down and I have to admit I havent come across some one like that often. There is one girl who I do get on great with and she has helped me out on several occasions when I have been at college and needed a client. She has came on time, been there, helped me and I cant thank her enough for that.

Im dead excited this week because I have been setting up all my payment systems for my new website. I plan on having a good sized website/store where I will be selling all sorts of luxury, bargain, basic and extravagent make up products & acsessories.
It will take a while to get everything in stock because I have a lot of saving to do but I am getting there and determined to make a good go of it for me and my little boy.

I will have every professional brush set that you could possibly need with every brush you can imagine in them. I have to say they are great and I have them already to be added to my new website store. I will be keeping a set of each and building my own collection from them for my own personal use and professional work use.
I hope to have my certificate from my beauty course so I can just hit the sky and do what I want as a registered make up artsist.
I have a wonderful feeling about this year and so far its been the best I can remember in a long while. A lot of whats happened is all down to you so I cant thank you all enough for that.

I will be using my sets I kept for my youtube and barry m tutorials so you will get to see them in action and what their uses are.

Take care everyone and speak to you all soon,

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Thanks for popping in :)

Hia everyone,
Welcome to my new bloggy woggy :)

I will be posting bits and pieces here and there and updating regular. Its mostly going to be make up because I love make up.
An insight to my little world and maybe even the odd rant... yes you heard right.. rant!

Have fun and hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

GMTV? Here I come!

I received a phone call from Elaine today saying "How would you feel about going on GMTV? you might have to travel at 1 am in the morning to get to London for the start of the show" I didn’t care who, what, where, when I was just so excited and what ever was happening I was going to be going for it. Luckily the producers from GMTV rang me in amongst my excitement and confirmed flying out details and arranged to have me flew to London at 7pm that day.

Needless to say I had no time to think or plan or anything. It was just all go go go!
I ran like hell around the house telling my family wooohooo I am going on GMTV and I am flying out to London this evening. Everyone was absolutely stunned and so excited for me.
I legged it down town and grabbed a new top to take with me and a few extras.

The time drew close and my taxi awaited me outside my home ready to take me to the airport. I got there in plenty of time, too much time when my nerves at their highest. I checked in and waited in the departures lounge all by myself. It was a weird little feeling I was suffering with, as I was overly excited yet all alone in my glory as I sat by the window watching the planes land and take off.

Its still such a sight for me as I am not used to it all. I finally boarded the plane and ran to my seat. I was lucky to get a window seat and it was dark outside by then. It was my second time flying and I had never done it alone so I had so many mixed emotions going through my head. The plane took off and as it did I stared out of the window into the dark star filled sky with a tear in my eye. It was a strange feeling and I realised how beautiful the world looked from up above. I have the utmost respect for those pilots and what they do to ensure that a huge aircraft is flying mathematically through the sky. Silly I know but it all still seems so surreal to me and yet people commute every day on them as if its nothing.

I arrived at the Heathrow London and my taxi was there ready to take me to my hotel room in the South Bank area. It was a lovely hotel with lovely staff however I couldn’t help feel so alone and their smiles were colder to what I am used to back at home. It was all very formal and I was shown to my room. I sat down on the bed and looked around the room, there was plenty to do before bed so I didn’t have much time spare. I took a walk down to the lobby and decided to stand outside the doors. Whilst I stood there in the fresh air, lots of taxis pulled up and businessmen stepped out of each. I smiled politely and was greeted back with such a revolting look as though I had just been wiped from the bottom of their shoe. I shrugged it off a little but it really got to me and I broke down in tears. Again I know its silly as they didn’t know me but it was probably just because I was like an emotional bomb to start with.

I ran back to my room trying to hide my red eyes from the reception staff. Stuck my card in my door and just flooded my eyes with streams of tears.
I rang my mam just to say hello and really just to hear a friendly voice. She cheered me up and said get some rest, so I did but not until I had taken a look at their room service menu. I ordered spaghetti Bolognese and a side salad. It was massive when it arrived, I couldn’t believe the amount on the plate. I just couldn’t manage as much as I would have liked and so I pushed the tray to one side and jumped in the shower.

What a way to unwind after a weird and eventful day.
It was around 2 am by now and I was up at 5am so I lay on the bed and hoped Id drift off soon.
I must have because the next thing I knew was my phone ringing and room service wake up call.
I flew out of the bed and ran around like a headless chicken getting myself ready and grabbing my belongings.

The taxi arrived and took me over to the GMTV studio where I met up with Elaine who kindly came with me for support. We did the eye slime, bogie, dandruff check joke the day before but completely forgot when we arrived there J Luckily everything went better than I had imagined and it showed me that its silly to worry about things until they happen.

It was around 7 am and I was asked if I had my make up on. I replied with yes just foundation as asked but the make up artist couldn’t see anything on me and I had hardly hidden my rancidly pale and spotty face so he sat me in the chair and worked his magic. Boy did I need it too! He applied so much make up I felt as though I couldn’t move and that was just preparing my face like a canvas for my make up.
I thought, what more makeup? Mind you, I did look a hell of a lot more healthy after wards. I was told I was going to be on live in 5 minutes so I was all micro-phoned up and ready to go. “Over in the make up room there is Lauren Luke the Internet sensation applying her make up” said Fiona.

By this time I was filmed applying my eye shadow as I would usually with the camera crew behind me. Surprisingly it didn’t go all over like it could have when one is nervous. After the break I was then going to be live doing my little interview with Fiona in the make up room. My heart was pounding and my tummy was empty from lack of breakfast and sleep. So I was sat there making gurgling noises from my tummy, which echoed a little in to my microphone throughout my interview. Luckily it wasn’t loud and my interview went brilliant. Fiona was fantastic at putting me at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with her.

My interview was over in a blink of an eye and I was took back through to the green room where everyone was sat. Harry Hill was up next so I grabbed him while I could and asked for a photo with him. He was lovely and accepted. My mam and twin sisters adore him so I knew I had to strike while I could to take back a picture for them. I also got to sit at the back of the set whist they filmed the next story and once they had finished I went and sat on the sofa with Fiona and Ben and had my photo took between them. Everyone was so lovely and it was a fantastic experience I will never forget.
zoom zoom!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Bring on the Japanese lessons

To start with I had an interview for the Japanese TV company NHK which went surprisingly well considering I couldn't understand their Japanese language. There was a lady called Ruth from the BBC who was present at the interview and she was the translator for us all. Pheww!
It was supposed to be a two hour-long interview in my home, which turned into the longest ever three and a half hours.
I have to admit I was glad when it was over and I could relax. None the less I enjoyed every moment and got on with what was asked of me. It was the Amy Winehouse look they wanted from me so My shadestick came out and off I went creating the winged effect knowing that everyone in Japan could be sat watching me at some point.
Daunting very daunting :-)
I fell asleep that night completely exhausted and drained but with a little smile on my face because everything was going great and that's not something I encountered often.
zoom zoom!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Colour me plum

Yes, Plums are in this season, which leads me to offer my little recommendations
on a few of my favourite plum colours. I love my Barry M dazzle dust in number 34 which I am almost sure is called Cherry. This colour is very rich and vibrant and will go great with all your plum shaded outfits.
As you may know, I recently was asked to do some weekly make up tutorials on the Barry M website. Previous to this I will give you a little insight into how all of this came about.
About two months ago now, I was contacted by Barry M. They had spotted my make up tutorials on youtube and contacted me regarding them. They were all delighted with my tutorials and asked me if I would like to come and meet them down in London to see what the future held for us all.
I was delighted of course and didn't hesitate to do so, so off I went all by myself (I was very proud) never had been to London on my own before. They booked my train tickets and that was that. I was fine right up until the day drew close, then set in my absolute panic, "what if they are axe murderers?" and "Is this all a ploy to get me over there to be secretly killed?" I thought to myself. What a divvy looking back, but you just don't know. Needless to say they were not and were absolutely lovely. Just as well because before I left home to meet them my mam said to me "ring when you get there and tell me if everything is ok" Oh well I met up with Elaine at Kings cross train station and I excused myself to make my safety phone call. To my utter surprise and horror, it was ringing and ringing and there was no answer. I stood there thinking, "awe well that's blummin great isn't it?" It was my Mam who had put the fear of God into me in the first place so for her not to answer the phone just made my heart sink.
So there's me stood at Kings Cross Station talking to the dialling tone - well come on I had to pretend didn't I? They may have been what my Mam had scared me into thinking.
I hung up with a cheesy smile and walked back over to Elaine and her husband Matthew. We then all said our hellos and ran off to grab a taxi. Paranoia is a strange thing, as I was sat in the taxi cab with them I was thinking "right that's it where are you taking me to?" as well as trying to take in all of the conversation. We finally pulled up at a beautiful restaurant called 'Cape Town Fish Market' just off Oxford Street, and then my fears left me. I thought to myself " well this would be a silly place to do something nasty to me".
We entered the restaurant and there was Dean and Emily sat at the table waiting for us. Dean is the managing director of Barry M and Emily works there too.
They greeted me with such great smiles and that was when I finally relaxed, well a little (wink) we ordered lunch from this beautiful menu, which arrived at the table in which, felt like seconds. With my stomach in knots of anxiety I found it very hard to gulp down my food and so I couldn't enjoy it even though if I hadn't have been sat in the middle of loads of strangers I would have probably wolfed the lot in seconds. It looked delicious! I tried and had a couple of coffees instead.
Meanwhile they all sat around me and told me how fantastic they had found my tutorials on you tube. I couldn't believe the compliments I was getting. Last time I had received a comment it was when I had given birth to my little boy and the midwife told me what a good job I had done. That's going back nearly ten years now so all of this interest was hard to take in.
Dean was lovely and had some great ideas for what lay ahead with our little journey together. I felt so great getting offered to work along side them. They asked my professional opinion on certain Barry M up and coming products. They showed me a sheet that had been printed out and on it was my mug shot on their website. Just a tester example of ideas. They wanted to know if I would be interested in doing make up tutorials on their website, and if I would like to have a questions and answer section on there too.
Of course I was delighted and again didn't hesitate to jump at the chance.
This bit - my Blog - came in afterwards. I had concerns with it at first because I didn't think anyone would be that bothered about reading my little life experiences and my day to day findings. However Elaine and Dean advised that it may well be a good idea. So I find myself sitting here with freezing finger-tips yet having the time of my life chatting about what I have been up to. I am glad we are doing the Blog now because I have tons to tell you all over time.
So that brings me to why I am here doing my make up tutorials. I have tons of looks coming up for all kinds of skin tones, eye colours and what not.
I will also be keeping my ears to the ground for the seasons hottest colours, a little of fashion, and a general day-to-day show of my life events to date.
zoom zoom!

Friday, 15 February 2008

A whirlwind affair

Hia everyone,
Everything is going so fast for me. At first it was scary but now I am getting the hang of all this being a busy girl business. Its great and I am loving every moment of it so far.
I was delighted today to receive texts from my friends to tell me that I was in Best magazine. Previously I had been contacted by Best magazine with regards to my make up tutorials on youtube. They asked if I would be interested in doing a featured story all about it? So needless to say I jumped at the chance.
Back at home with my heart pounding through my head. I received a call from Nilufer at Best magazine who there and then took a brief interview from me on the phone. Once we had spoken she sent my contract out in the post and so the story unfolds.
Amisha from Best magazine was dealing with the story and was ever so nice to me putting me at ease all the way. The full interview over the phone went great and I was told to head up to Newcastle where I would be getting a professional photo shoot.
As you can imagine, it was a very scary yet exciting day at the studio.
I just went with the flow and posed as best I could in front of great big umbrellas of light whilst getting snapped like a princess.
I was even asked to do a page on how to get Colleen Nolan and Sharon Osborne's eye make up look which would then be added in the feature.
So there I stood in the ladies bathroom inside the studio applying my eye shadow as was expected of me with the photographer snapping away behind me.
All I heard was " great job, Good girl Lauren and once more" It was like being a star.
I remembered thinking; I hope the camera doesn't pick up my shaking hand as I applied the eye shadow with fall out. Trust that to happen I said nervously.
It all went fantastic and off I popped back home.
Within two weeks of the interview and photo shoot I was in Best magazine. Front cover might I add. Wow I thought as I picked up four copies and took to the counter with the newsagent giving me the most peculiar look.
I felt like shouting "look that's me" but I didn't. I didn't want to embarrass myself.
Whilst all this has been happening to me. I have also had time to sit with my cup of coffee and relax on a morning whilst watching the TV. I noticed that deep plums are the in colours this season so I will be sure to be giving those colours a blast.
zoom zoom!