Thursday, 29 March 2012

Before & after fun pics!

Hia Everyone,
For the past few days I have been asking for pictures from people to alter with photo editing software. This all started because some one asked how they would look with blue eyes.
Then someone made a picture of me "Before & after" and I thought it was a lovely personal gesture that someone would do that for me so I decided as a thank you for watching my videos and always being lovely and supportive in your comments I wanted to do the same for you. Since then so many of you have sent me your photos to alter and with the permission to do as I like and post them to my blog and or put in to an up and coming video.

Thanks to everyone that participated and if you would like to send your photo to me to have a play around with for you, send them to me at

Here are some of the pictures so far :)

"Gabriela before"
"Gabriela after" (sounds like happy ever after :)

"Beth before"
"Beth after"
"Chrys before"
"Chrys after"

"This is Gian, He asked me for some red highlights :)"
"After, His hair looks cool"

"Hannah before"
"Hannah after"
"Marjorie before"
"Marjorie after"
Haley asked me to give her blue eyes and a little bit of make up.
"Haley after"

"Georgette before"
"Georgette after"
If you would like to see some more let me know? and if you have any pics of yourself that you own and you'd like me to play around with then send them to me at
Please try and send photos that are a better quality as this enables me to get better effects for you. I cant work with far away blurry or shadowed. I wish I could :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, even if it was a bit long but..I haven't been on here for a while so hopefully you will excuse me :)

Thanks for reading, following, subscribing, commenting and sharing with your friends because it all helps and is much appreciated.

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Lauren :)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Breaking Dawn2 Bella's look

Hia Everyone,

So I was itching to do this look for at least two weeks now but every time I'd planned to do a video something had come up. Its been a busy week and I have had lots of good news which I will share with you later :)

In the mean time, I managed to grab some me time and chose to do Bella's look from Breaking Dawn. I found a picture (posted below) of her in the movie and hopefully I have recreated the look correctly for you all.

This is my version and Ive added a little dark burgundy for the outer corners so against the pale skin will look more vampy.

These are the products I used:
All make up brushes used are from my own line &
SUQQU foundation
MAC pigment- pure white *mixed with above foundation*
Urban Decay eye shadow- Tease *NAKED2 palette*
MAC shadestick-Blurberry or you could use BarryM eye crayon No2
MAC eye shadow-Embark *over the top of the shadestick*
L'Oreal eye ilumminator pencil- Ivory/Black
MAC blush- Ablaze
MAC mineralized skin finish- Lightscapade
Estee Lauder water proof mascara 
Stila Lip & cheek stain- Cherry crush

Enjoy :)

Thanks everyone for reading, commenting, following and sharing with friends because it all helps and I really do appreciate it.

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Lauren :)

Friday, 16 March 2012

How to keep brushes clean on the go!

Hia Everyone,

Today's post is about how to keep brushes clean on the go because I am asked so often on this topic I wanted to show and tell you what I do with mine whilst I am out and about on a job or just not near a warm water supply and baby shampoo!

The other day I worked on a client and although I have at least 3 or 4 of every one of my brushes I still find that I am needing one washed there and then.

I use hygienic wipes and always carry these on me for times like this.

You can pretty much remove all the colours you have been using on your brush as well as making sure the brush is nice and hygienically clean for further application. Once you have cleaned up your brush with your wipe, gently dry it with a piece of kitchen towel or super absorbent tissue.

*I meant you can only do this quick tip if using the same brushes on the same person. Not for different clients*

This below is a picture of the mess I made whilst working on my client. Just look at that wipe :)

Dont forget, this is only meant to be done between proper and thorough washes.

I have a video that I am working on to show you how I wash my brushes properly to help maintain them perfectly for years to come.

I just wanted to show you that even on the go there are options so always have handy a pack of hygienic wipes for times like this until you manage to get home and give them all a good clean.

If you have any questions? post a comment below and I will get back to you :)

Thanks for reading, subscribing, commenting and  sharing with friends because it all helps and is very much appreciated.

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Lauren :)

Monday, 12 March 2012

Tropical Paradise eyes

Hia Everyone,

I really hope you enjoy my Tropical Paradise Make up inspired look? do let me know :)

Colour is always something that can cheer my mood, no matter what mood I am in.
The thought of sitting painting my face in all bright and bold colours to me is like being a kid in a candy store.

I have recently gone back to the good old days and went all out with colour like I used to. I do however love a good natural or smokey eye look and have a few of those planned for you all.

This is what the look could look like on you :")

The tutorial link, Enjoy!

The products used:

All brushes are from my own line and you can find them here with worldwide shipping

L'Oreal Magic Lumi- face prep
Maybelline Dream satin liquid- Cameo 020  *I♥

Urban Decay- Primer potion
MAC eye shadow- Juxt
MAC eye shadow- Crest the wave
MAC pigment- Landscape green
MAC eye shadow- Endless Love
MAC eye shadow- Big T
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil- Zero
Maybelline Eye studio lasting drama gel liner- Intense black
MAC opulash mascara
Paula Dorf 2+1 brows- Brunette   *I♥

MAC blush- Stark naked
Estee Lauder stay in place shadow creme- Ivory lace

Burt's Bee's lip moisturiser- Pink Grapefruit
TOPSHOP creme blush- Crushed Berry *Disclaimer* I used a touch of this on top of my lip moisturiser to get the colour I was after. Blush is not recommended for lips so read product description or ask for advice from that company before trying this out.

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Laure :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

China Glaze New collection! "Capitol Colours" HUNGER GAMES ♥

Hia Everyone,

What do you think of my new nails?

I am loving messing around, not as creative as some I might add but nonetheless having fun!

This is the brand new collection from China Glaze called "Capitol Colours" and I think you will agree they are all equally gorgeous.

China Glaze® Capitol Colours will be available in early March 2012 at salons and specialty beauty retailers including Sally Beauty Supply and ULTA stores, coinciding with the release of THE HUNGER GAMES in theatres March 23, 2012.  Individual shades retail for $7.  The collection will be available in a 12-piece counter display as well as open stock colors.

This is my newest nail job and I am calling this look Naughty Lingerie. (Don't ask why) there is just something about the colours.
I am wearing
*Fast Track*
*Smoke and Ashes*
*OPI rapid dry top coat*

 I am hoping to do some more nail designs that could easily be worn on a daily basis.
If you have a blog of nails, show me and post your link? Id love to be nail inspired.

Thanks for reading, subscribing, commenting, following and sharing with friends because it all helps and is much appreciated.

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Lauren :)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Urban Decay Naked Swatches :)

Hia Everyone,

I have been messing around with the original NAKED palette today and I decided to swatch them for you.

They wouldn't all fit on my arm plus I still can't figure out paint editing software for my photos just yet so I swatched them all in my material book for you with names beside.

This way the pigment had a chance to settle in to material enough for the effect to stand out, probably better than on my arm with my crappy camera :(

Ok so here they are :)

I haven't exaggerated the intensity, pretty much one swoosh on to paper. My book looks lush now with all these colour swatches.. hahah :)

Stay tuned because I have lots more swatches for NAKED2 and Bobbi Brown Brights :)

Thanks for reading, subscribing, following, commenting and sharing this blog with friends. It all helps and is much appreciated.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

I am loving Youreecards right now!

Hia Everyone,

I have just found out more about Yourecards after seeing them tagged often in Facebook. I went to check what the hype was about and found that you can make your own and share them.

So I did :) I am going to look at this new exercise as a way to exercise my demons and my many dislikes of life.

For a while now I have wanted to invent a laptop which has a magic button for those days where you log on and wish to log off just as fast.

My magic laptop would have a special button where the enter key would be and if something pi**es you off there and then you can press your magic button for the keyboard to open up and turn in to a sand pit for you to bury your head in to.

I have had many a moment like this online especially after reading some emails or reading a comment that was left for me to bring me down.

Anywho these ecards are going to be fun and I will post the ones I make and if you have any you made? I'd love to see them too :)

You can tell the world how you feel with a caption :)

The poor girl at the front only has 4 followers :(

& here is the one that I think companies should take a look at :)

Tell me do you want to see more & share yours on your blog for me to check out?

Laters alligators!

Zoom zoom!
Lauren :)

Shop MAC, Cook MAC

Hia Everyone,

I was sent these two beautiful samples from the Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection and I have to say they are gorgeous.

*Cremeblend Blush- Florida
*Amplified Creme Lipstick-Watch me simmer

I will be using them in my next videos as I have a look that will be perfect with these. I am seeing lots of 80's inspired make up looks lately and I haven't done one of them in a while so I am looking forward to that video :)

The Cremeblend Blush is just like their others, soft, easy to apply and pigmented. You will need a synthetic brush to apply these type products with or alternatively clean fingers. You don't need a lot as it blends well and lasts for ages.

The Lipstick is a beautiful colour and lasted for some time, for me this is good because I consume a lot of coffee's when I am working so I was pleased to see this was still visible after a good few hours.

Reminds me a little of Barbie type colours, in fact the advert for this collection is very Barbie style.

Which products from this collection do you have? I would love the quad with the yellow eye shadow in next.

Thanks for reading, subscribing, following, commenting and sharing because it really does all help!

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Lauren :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Urban Decay Naked play

Hia Everyone,

I have been dying to do a make up look using my new Urban Decay NAKED palette and so to start with I came up with a nice and easy going smokey look.

I used some of my "High street" finds in this look too because they are affordable and easy to spot when out and about.

Hopefully you enjoy the video? plus Id love to see your creations with this palette because its nice to have some inspiration and ideas from you guys too :) If you have done any, post your links below so I can check out your video. I may even subscribe too.

Here is my video:

Products used for this look:

All make up brushes are from my own line
L'Oreal Magic Lumi primer
SUQQU foundation 15
Urban decay primer potion
NAKED palette
Maybelline Eye studio Lasting drama- gel liner- intense black
Benefit eye bright
Famous Shimmer brick-Pink
Rimmel lipstick- kate Moss collection 03
Maybelline Falsies mascara-Flared

 I really hope you enjoyed this look? let me know as its always nice to have feedback.
Next time I will combine this palette with NAKED2 because that's just arrived and I cant wait to get swatching on my face! :) HAHA!

Reeties, I am off because I am so knackered from the gym but wanted to get all this up for you all before I pass out.

Zoom zoom!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Would you call these Sailor-esque inspired nails?

Ahoy there me hearties ;)

 I did this the other night & I must say I am in Love with them...Yes that is Love with a capital L :)

I don't know how but my white nail lacquer has exploded out of the bottle and mutated or something???? ewww but never mind because it still provided me with my newww nails :)

To me, they look Sailor-esque and I could not believe something so simple came out of my head as I usually do over the top crazy things with nails and make up so I was pretty chuffed!

*That top coat by OPI is absolutely rapid drying too, very good. 10/10 for that one.
*The China Glaze nail lacquer is called Concrete Catwalk and is amazing to say the least.
*The OPI exploded one is called Alpine snow and yes it quite frankly avalanched out of its bottle haha! :)

Until next time,

Zoom zoom!
Lauren :)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

My high street mini haul ♥

Hia Everyone,

So today I went shopping to get my Gym gear in ready for tomorrow and I found a sports bra :) so thats sorted.
New trainers, a couple of sports tops and joggy bottoms. They were not exactly what I really wanted but hey...anything will do to cover this until I am ready for what I really want to wear. The tops are black Adidas and they did cling a little but I find now more than ever in sports clothing the brands seem to be going for the fashionable look when making them rather than the "to work out comfortably in look".
So yes I hang slightly but hey if I stick to getting healthy with diet and exercise then Il be wearing them a lot more comfortably in no's hoping ;)

Whilst I was out and about shopping I popped in to Superdrug for 5 minutes, although this initial 5 minutes turned in to an hour because there was just so much decision making to do ;)

I found some really nice affordable make up to show you all, Il do swatches and prices etc. I found a new make up line called FAMOUS by Sue Moxley, never heard of the line before but the make up did look eye catching so I picked up some pieces and you will see the whole lot in my up and coming videos.

Here are some pics :)

Bronze pot- Miami

Shimmer Brick- Pink
Eye shadow - Shade 5

I also got some Maybelline products because I do like this brand and they had some fab new stuff I thought You'd also like.

I got:

Dream satin liquid 20 Sand, 01 Lasting Drama Gel liner-Intense black, Falsies Mascara

I also saw this smokey eyes palette from Collection 2000 and just had to have it. I love smokey eyes and the colours in this palette looked really nice. By the way, I thought the cream was an eye base but it's not, Its an eye bright cream for the inner corners of the eyes.

There are no colour names as such just descriptions such as Light, medium and dark with a how to use step by step guide on the back.
There was only one thing I wanted from MUA, to be honest I do have a few of their eye shadows already and they are ok for the price. I ended up getting a blush which I did like the look of and its got a really nice finish. £1 each for all their products.....amazing!
Tiniest bit of shimmer does me :) Shade 1

Now for some Bourjois Intense eye shadows. I have always loved the colours that Bourjois come out with however up until these "Intense" eye shadows their original ones just do not pack a punch and it is so frustrating when you are sat there with nicely coloured eye shadows that don't apply well.
These do....Finally!

01 & 05, No names weird?

Last but not least I grabbed a couple of Rimmel lipsticks "Kate Moss" Collection colours and I have to say I already have similar colours to these but they were beautiful and I wasn't keen on the other colours this collection had to offer. The colour payoff is good, hopefully you will see in the photos.

03 & 08
So that's it and my shopping spree for high street finds ends here. I will be putting together some looks with these products in my up and coming videos so if you are interested in seeing them in action, Stay tubed! :)

Take care for now and I will see you all again in a bit.

Zoom zoom!
Lauren :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

I'm Going to get naked!

Guess what arrived today.....Whawy I am very excited about this parcel because for a long time now I have wanted these palettes.

Urban Decay Naked palettes, The first one arrived today and now I am waiting on Naked2 :)

I can not wait to create some looks with these palettes because not only have they got the "every day" colours for the office they have the "ultra smokey" colours for the weekend.

Here it is:

1x mini Primer potion
From left to right:
Half baked
1x eye shadow brush

 Have you got a colour combo from this palette you would like me to start with for one of my next tutorials?

 See ya in a bit....I am off to do some swatches //////

Zoom zoom!
Lauren :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dear Lauren Playlist

Dear Lauren is coming back!

Hia Everyone,

This is just a quick blog to let you know that I am bringing Dear Lauren back to my Youtube channel and I am looking out for all of your questions. What ever they are about I will answer them as your best friend.

You can send your emails here:

Last time I uploaded this series it was a huge success and I was inundated with emails from all corners of the globe with all kinds of problems from make up and self esteem issues to boyfriend troubles. There was not a question people were not asking.

With moving home and not having the preferred set up it has been a struggle to get it all together and in the format I want but with everything ready now to go lets get cracking :)

I want to give you all a fair chance at having your emails replied to whether it is by me in my up and coming Dear Lauren series or on here by many of my online friends who I am sure would love to join in and help out.

After each episode goes live on Youtube I will post here the questions answered by myself and the questions that people have sent in and I need your help on. I would absolutely love your input and I hope you all have fun helping each other out.

I will post the playlist of all the episodes from Dear Lauren for you all to see so you can get an idea of the questions I would love your help with.

Are you up for being some ones best friend?

Look forward to hearing from you all!

Zoom zoom!
Laure :)