Tuesday, 2 November 2010

well what a year it has been!

Hia Everyone,

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who follow me here. I haven't posted much lately except for my videos that I do on youtube.
I suppose I find it easier to talk rather than to write or type in this case :)

Ive not been very well this year, caused it all myself with stress (silly me I know) but it just happened. Anyway I am feeling much better now and over the past few weeks Ive been picking myself up quite a bit and working on whats important and not when its not quite frankly.

There was a house which stole my heart around may of this year and it turned out there were problems found right at the last minute before the move. Id boxed my life again and got all excited about moving out of my current shoe box flat to move there. I don't even have a sitting room, just a bedroom in which I work, sleep, work, sleep and oh forgot to mention eat... I know whats all that about?? well the kitchen and passage just ain't big enough and I don't quite fancy easting Sunday lunch on the toilet. Long story short but I found another house which has equally stolen my heart so here we go again and my offer got accepted. I'm hoping to be in there by February :) (wish me luck)

That's partly why I have been stressed but a lot of it has been work related too.
Anyway, I have made a lot of progress and I am about to give you all the brushes Id always promised I would. They are going to be perfect and I had to get them right or I would be letting you all down.

My life has been a bit of a roller coaster since all this started on youtube because it changed big time and I didnt have the financial means to cope with some of it. I am getting there bit by bit and its now looking like its been worth every tear.

I know one thing though, I couldn't have done it without all of your support through youtube. It might sound cheesy but there is nothing that comes close (apart from being smiled at by my little boy) to feeling how I do when I see all of your lovely comments here there and everywhere in cyber space and I realise I am not as alone as I once felt.

I have lots more bits and pieces which are exciting to me to share with you all soon, don't want to bombard this blog too much because oh my its been a while and there is loads new.

Thank you!!


Tropical make up ideas tutorial "pink lips"

Sunday, 2 May 2010

New blogs & updates, I want you all involved. Its ours.

Hia Everyone,

I have just started to pick back up here and intend to cross link to everything I have going on so no one is kept out of the loop if you are interested in what I do.

I have some new blogs coming up with Glamour.co.uk, This Morning show's website and ivilliage and I will link back to here too so you can check it all out if you like.

Im rather excited about the opportunities that lay ahead because for some one like me, these dont come along often and if it hadnt been for the millions of you all that watch me and enjoy what I do then I wouldnt be doing these great things now.

You have all been more than supporting to me and because of this I dont ever want to let you down in return. Everything I do I always try and keep you in the loop on updates the best I can and involve you as much as possible when is possible.

For instance my make up line is not just for me, Its for you too. I want you all to know that at every stage I want feedback and ideas if you have any because I am building a make up line that everyone can be proud of.

24/7 ears so any ideas and feedback you have? comment me :)

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