Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Urban Decay Naked play

Hia Everyone,

I have been dying to do a make up look using my new Urban Decay NAKED palette and so to start with I came up with a nice and easy going smokey look.

I used some of my "High street" finds in this look too because they are affordable and easy to spot when out and about.

Hopefully you enjoy the video? plus Id love to see your creations with this palette because its nice to have some inspiration and ideas from you guys too :) If you have done any, post your links below so I can check out your video. I may even subscribe too.

Here is my video:

Products used for this look:

All make up brushes are from my own line
L'Oreal Magic Lumi primer
SUQQU foundation 15
Urban decay primer potion
NAKED palette
Maybelline Eye studio Lasting drama- gel liner- intense black
Benefit eye bright
Famous Shimmer brick-Pink
Rimmel lipstick- kate Moss collection 03
Maybelline Falsies mascara-Flared

 I really hope you enjoyed this look? let me know as its always nice to have feedback.
Next time I will combine this palette with NAKED2 because that's just arrived and I cant wait to get swatching on my face! :) HAHA!

Reeties, I am off because I am so knackered from the gym but wanted to get all this up for you all before I pass out.

Zoom zoom!


Becky said...

This looks gorgeous on you and it's reminded me that I must get some of the Kate Moss range lipsticks! :) Love how you described the gym as a mini holiday from home life, think I might do that myself, it's so easy to forget to fit some important 'me' time in!

Becks x


Becky said...

*blogspot (silly predictive text! Lol) x

panacea81 AKA Lauren Luke said...

Haha Becky, bloodspot..lol
Yeah the gym is a mini holiday because my day to day life on top of so much work is so tiring so the gym is absolutely becoming my mini holiday :)

Becky said...

thanks for following my blog! :D
Make sure you manage to squeeze in a quick sauna if you can then close your eyes and imagine your somewhere tropical! lol

Hope you have a lovely day :)

Becks x

panacea81 AKA Lauren Luke said...

You are welcome, and yes sounds good but don't think they have one there :( a good hot shower when home will have to do :)

Niki said...

aren't the naked palettes AMAZING?????

Edward C. said...

I love this Naked look! Its so simple and chic :)
Looking forward to the Naked2!!

On a side note, the gym! It feels so rewarding and encouraging when there is a little soreness/fatigue from the previous workout. Makes you feel like the effort paid off ;D
Having been on a diet for almost 3 years now, I can tell you it is hard to cut out something completely (especially its something you love!). What I do, instead of cutting them out is to calculate my calorie intake and keep a food diary (also plan out your meals for the day before hand so you are in control of any changes etc.)
Cutting out things you enjoy will very likely demotivate your desire to keep up with the diet. It is suppose to be a rewarding and healthy process that you weave in to your lifestyle.
If you calculate the calorie intake you can then always leave a small quota for a small treat or reward (I need dessert to survive :P).
Also, if having chocolate is too guilty, try cocoa powder! Dust a bit into your cup of skimmed milk/coffee or even oatmeal and I am sure it will keep the chocolate craving at bay (minus the calories!)

Good luck!


0105ayris said...

Hello, I am a follower of you nearly for one year and i just love you Lauren. Keep up with the diet and gym, and about the chocolate, you can eat a little bit bitter chocolate everyday, you will feel much better. believe me, cos it's my job to write diet list.
i loved this look on you :) and it inspired me a lot about my upcoming wedding which is in midSeptember. I want my bride make up just like this one. Just one question: I wanted to do my make up in my wedding, but everyone say it will be soo difficult with the hair and dress and everything. And now I am thinking about hiring a make-up artist. What do you think?


im wondering where can you get the famous shimmer thanks

Fabiana Miranda de Carvalho said...

parabens...amei a maquiagem! beijos