Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dear Lauren is coming back!

Hia Everyone,

This is just a quick blog to let you know that I am bringing Dear Lauren back to my Youtube channel and I am looking out for all of your questions. What ever they are about I will answer them as your best friend.

You can send your emails here:

Last time I uploaded this series it was a huge success and I was inundated with emails from all corners of the globe with all kinds of problems from make up and self esteem issues to boyfriend troubles. There was not a question people were not asking.

With moving home and not having the preferred set up it has been a struggle to get it all together and in the format I want but with everything ready now to go lets get cracking :)

I want to give you all a fair chance at having your emails replied to whether it is by me in my up and coming Dear Lauren series or on here by many of my online friends who I am sure would love to join in and help out.

After each episode goes live on Youtube I will post here the questions answered by myself and the questions that people have sent in and I need your help on. I would absolutely love your input and I hope you all have fun helping each other out.

I will post the playlist of all the episodes from Dear Lauren for you all to see so you can get an idea of the questions I would love your help with.

Are you up for being some ones best friend?

Look forward to hearing from you all!

Zoom zoom!
Laure :)


Jannine said...

Lauren! this is the first time i check your blogspot blog. i didn´t even know you had one! this is so great! i´ve started following you on google friends connect! :)
you and a former co-worker have been the entire inspiration for me to get interested in make up. i learnt how to use my manly palette thanks to you! my mom would look at me with a rainbow on my lids and freak out! i just laughed and had fun with it! :)
i love to listen to people and i believe i´m a very honest person, so i´d love to play best friend to your dear lauren writers!! count me in!
i´m so glad you started this blogspot and i´m sure that re-taking Dear Lauren will be a great success. lots of people out there need advice and confort! :)


Mae's Beauty Blog said...

I also didnt' know you had a blog, I follow you on Facebook but it doesnt seem like you post much :( and then on youtube I follow you as well and I love you! I love all of your looks. You inspired me to share my beauty tips and mostly nails tips in my very own blog! You are my inspiration! thank you Lauren <3