Sunday, 2 May 2010

New blogs & updates, I want you all involved. Its ours.

Hia Everyone,

I have just started to pick back up here and intend to cross link to everything I have going on so no one is kept out of the loop if you are interested in what I do.

I have some new blogs coming up with, This Morning show's website and ivilliage and I will link back to here too so you can check it all out if you like.

Im rather excited about the opportunities that lay ahead because for some one like me, these dont come along often and if it hadnt been for the millions of you all that watch me and enjoy what I do then I wouldnt be doing these great things now.

You have all been more than supporting to me and because of this I dont ever want to let you down in return. Everything I do I always try and keep you in the loop on updates the best I can and involve you as much as possible when is possible.

For instance my make up line is not just for me, Its for you too. I want you all to know that at every stage I want feedback and ideas if you have any because I am building a make up line that everyone can be proud of.

24/7 ears so any ideas and feedback you have? comment me :)


Amanda said...

Nice! Canna wait to see what youve been up to!

Sophie said...

Hi Lauren! Nice to see a blog post.. I am eager to try some of your stuff for my blog and youtube. People keep asking my thoughts but can't affird it at the moment! Congrats on the success.

Sophie xx