Sunday, 24 February 2008

Bring on the Japanese lessons

To start with I had an interview for the Japanese TV company NHK which went surprisingly well considering I couldn't understand their Japanese language. There was a lady called Ruth from the BBC who was present at the interview and she was the translator for us all. Pheww!
It was supposed to be a two hour-long interview in my home, which turned into the longest ever three and a half hours.
I have to admit I was glad when it was over and I could relax. None the less I enjoyed every moment and got on with what was asked of me. It was the Amy Winehouse look they wanted from me so My shadestick came out and off I went creating the winged effect knowing that everyone in Japan could be sat watching me at some point.
Daunting very daunting :-)
I fell asleep that night completely exhausted and drained but with a little smile on my face because everything was going great and that's not something I encountered often.
zoom zoom!

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