Wednesday, 26 March 2008

GMTV? Here I come!

I received a phone call from Elaine today saying "How would you feel about going on GMTV? you might have to travel at 1 am in the morning to get to London for the start of the show" I didn’t care who, what, where, when I was just so excited and what ever was happening I was going to be going for it. Luckily the producers from GMTV rang me in amongst my excitement and confirmed flying out details and arranged to have me flew to London at 7pm that day.

Needless to say I had no time to think or plan or anything. It was just all go go go!
I ran like hell around the house telling my family wooohooo I am going on GMTV and I am flying out to London this evening. Everyone was absolutely stunned and so excited for me.
I legged it down town and grabbed a new top to take with me and a few extras.

The time drew close and my taxi awaited me outside my home ready to take me to the airport. I got there in plenty of time, too much time when my nerves at their highest. I checked in and waited in the departures lounge all by myself. It was a weird little feeling I was suffering with, as I was overly excited yet all alone in my glory as I sat by the window watching the planes land and take off.

Its still such a sight for me as I am not used to it all. I finally boarded the plane and ran to my seat. I was lucky to get a window seat and it was dark outside by then. It was my second time flying and I had never done it alone so I had so many mixed emotions going through my head. The plane took off and as it did I stared out of the window into the dark star filled sky with a tear in my eye. It was a strange feeling and I realised how beautiful the world looked from up above. I have the utmost respect for those pilots and what they do to ensure that a huge aircraft is flying mathematically through the sky. Silly I know but it all still seems so surreal to me and yet people commute every day on them as if its nothing.

I arrived at the Heathrow London and my taxi was there ready to take me to my hotel room in the South Bank area. It was a lovely hotel with lovely staff however I couldn’t help feel so alone and their smiles were colder to what I am used to back at home. It was all very formal and I was shown to my room. I sat down on the bed and looked around the room, there was plenty to do before bed so I didn’t have much time spare. I took a walk down to the lobby and decided to stand outside the doors. Whilst I stood there in the fresh air, lots of taxis pulled up and businessmen stepped out of each. I smiled politely and was greeted back with such a revolting look as though I had just been wiped from the bottom of their shoe. I shrugged it off a little but it really got to me and I broke down in tears. Again I know its silly as they didn’t know me but it was probably just because I was like an emotional bomb to start with.

I ran back to my room trying to hide my red eyes from the reception staff. Stuck my card in my door and just flooded my eyes with streams of tears.
I rang my mam just to say hello and really just to hear a friendly voice. She cheered me up and said get some rest, so I did but not until I had taken a look at their room service menu. I ordered spaghetti Bolognese and a side salad. It was massive when it arrived, I couldn’t believe the amount on the plate. I just couldn’t manage as much as I would have liked and so I pushed the tray to one side and jumped in the shower.

What a way to unwind after a weird and eventful day.
It was around 2 am by now and I was up at 5am so I lay on the bed and hoped Id drift off soon.
I must have because the next thing I knew was my phone ringing and room service wake up call.
I flew out of the bed and ran around like a headless chicken getting myself ready and grabbing my belongings.

The taxi arrived and took me over to the GMTV studio where I met up with Elaine who kindly came with me for support. We did the eye slime, bogie, dandruff check joke the day before but completely forgot when we arrived there J Luckily everything went better than I had imagined and it showed me that its silly to worry about things until they happen.

It was around 7 am and I was asked if I had my make up on. I replied with yes just foundation as asked but the make up artist couldn’t see anything on me and I had hardly hidden my rancidly pale and spotty face so he sat me in the chair and worked his magic. Boy did I need it too! He applied so much make up I felt as though I couldn’t move and that was just preparing my face like a canvas for my make up.
I thought, what more makeup? Mind you, I did look a hell of a lot more healthy after wards. I was told I was going to be on live in 5 minutes so I was all micro-phoned up and ready to go. “Over in the make up room there is Lauren Luke the Internet sensation applying her make up” said Fiona.

By this time I was filmed applying my eye shadow as I would usually with the camera crew behind me. Surprisingly it didn’t go all over like it could have when one is nervous. After the break I was then going to be live doing my little interview with Fiona in the make up room. My heart was pounding and my tummy was empty from lack of breakfast and sleep. So I was sat there making gurgling noises from my tummy, which echoed a little in to my microphone throughout my interview. Luckily it wasn’t loud and my interview went brilliant. Fiona was fantastic at putting me at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed talking with her.

My interview was over in a blink of an eye and I was took back through to the green room where everyone was sat. Harry Hill was up next so I grabbed him while I could and asked for a photo with him. He was lovely and accepted. My mam and twin sisters adore him so I knew I had to strike while I could to take back a picture for them. I also got to sit at the back of the set whist they filmed the next story and once they had finished I went and sat on the sofa with Fiona and Ben and had my photo took between them. Everyone was so lovely and it was a fantastic experience I will never forget.
zoom zoom!


Ellen Joyce said...

Oh wow Lauren!

That sounds so exciting...

You go girl!!!

I watch your videos all the time and I think you're brilliant!

Keep up with the good work


panacea81 AKA Lauren Luke said...

Aww thank you for your lovely comment :)

Im glad you like my tutorials too.
Best wishes, Lauren.

marshmallow163 said...

aww that must have been so exciting! i dont understand how you manage to write/talk so much in this blog and in ur vids but i still hang on to every word lol you have a gift! =]

some of this actually made me tear up a bit .. im like a proud mother who doesnt even know you .. and is younger than you.. hmm.

anyway, im gunna go be excited about these brush sets now, even though i probably wont get one! =P

keep being fabulous!


Heather said...

are you yourself a twin??? Or do you mean your younger sisters are a set of twins?

*pinky* said...

Just been reading your bloggy woggy, watched a few of your videos prior to the GMTV interview and think they are fab. Certainly helped me improve my eye make up application! Keep up the good work.