Saturday, 20 September 2008

FROM NEW YORK WITH LOVE missing you all and updates


c-tree-p-o said...

Thank you from Chicago!
I have watched almost all of your videos and I feel like you are a good friend who can help me look phenomenal!

*<"*Dayi*">* said...

you are amazing laureeeeeeeen! i am specting to see your videos sooN! :D i love your work! my mom my sister my niece and i always watch and adore your tutorials! you are the best! can you send me your email yo keep in touch???

Lots of kisses and hugs from costa rica! :D

you are a wonderful woman ! an angel! thanks for being superb!!!!!!


*<"*Dayi*">* said...

oh by the way! ive been writting to you to youtube emaiL! i want to purchase some barry m makeup? would you help me please? because i dont unferstand how to order ir, or if they ca send it over here! :(


PS. I love your pugs! i got a cocker spaniel! he is fat and lazy :) hehe


Lauren!!!!! i wish all the best for you! your talent is unique and you are SO SO beautiful :) sincerely,

Dayana, Dbtfly :)

Anca said...

that is so cool ...Thank's from Romania :D:D:D:D

Emma said...

Hello from South Sheilds
Lucky being in new york
omg the weather back here is horrible
had like 2days of sun
sooo horrible winter already :(

Lauren you should do makeup classes in sheilds, because im so inspired by you, wanting to do makeup artist courses, when i leave St Wilfrids :P in 2009.

Your soo good so glad you got really far in your talent :)


Alvae said...

I bet you're all excited!
So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lauren,
I'm happy that you're back on yt. T be honest, I enjoyed your new vid so much though I'm currently ill. I'm so sorry to hear that you're under pressure. But hey, my dear, you're a strong and emanipated woman! You're authentic and you know what you want. I'm pretty sure that you'll achieve your aims. Don't despair! Believe in you abilities instead! I'm always impressed by your skills and I always wish that we meet someday to talk about art and make up. Besides, I wish that you would do my eye make up.;-) Anyways, you go girl! All the best from Germany

Florencia said...

Hi Lauren!!! I'm Florencia from Argentina.
I just want to tell you that I love your tutorials! You are amazing girl!
Thank you!!!
PS: My English isn't very good, so I hope you could understand me...

sonya said...

can u please send me details of the red brush set 29pc set. lovin ur work keep it up. my email i have ordered the 120 pro pallet so i am desperate for the brushes please get back to me when u get chance. thanks

Joii said...

Hey I no what you mean about the weather up the North East. I'm from Consett near Durham.
From Joanne
P.s Love your make-up videos.

Joii said...
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Anonymous said...