Monday, 20 May 2013

Food and thoughts

 So I haven't updated my blog in a while although I have kept up with my daily food journal in my notebook plus took pictures of  as many meals as I can. The problem is I use my iPad on a daily basis now and it's what I use to take pictures too. My laptop however is far easier for updating my blog but anyway will try this way on then ipad from now so I can do this daily on here plus get all my weigh ins done so you can follow my weight loss journey if you like.

I feel as though I ate loads today and its my first day within the 20+ days of induction where I am going back to basics and clean and green. The reason...well I was doing so well eating low carb and induction friendly food until I grabbed a couple of Atkins bars whilst out. They were induction friendly but.....they set my carb and sugar cravings right back off again and I noticed myself wanting another and another. The day after I found myself looking forward to my Atkins bar a little too much so by lunch time had one and immediately wanted to go to sleep. What an awful feeling, dead leg, lethargic, aggressive and hmmmm déjà Vu of what I used to be when I'd eat doughnuts, chocolate or high carbs sleepy dinners before starting my new eating for life plan.

Next day chucked them all out! Oh oh and I'd gained 4lbs over the three days I'd eaten them....never ever again, after reading more about them I find I am not the only one that suffers this way on them and often have said that if Dr Atkins knew what was being sold with his name he'd turn in his grave. Atkins promoted clean and green so that is what I am sticking to, no frankenfoods if possible. In fact as far as I know through my research it's those products that have put so many people off the whole Atkins way of life, kinda did me too before I read about it all. Some not all people have stalled and or gained weight by eating these products.
I even wrote in my diary "Lauren don't ever eat these again"
So I won't be...ever ever again. 

Dinner tonight was gorgeous, spring greens sauted in butter with cheeseburger pie. You can find the recipe all over the Internet on the low carb forums easily. It's lush!

So today I was 10.8 from 10.6 a few days ago, lets see if I can kill this stall and get back to my 10.6 again after this week of eating clean and green :)


Nellie said...

Lauren I think you look great! I hope you keep up the hard work and don' let anyone keep you down. Do what you love and enjoy life :D

Cosmetic Addict 86 said...

Lauren you are doing so well keep up the good work. Have you ever heard about curves? It's a fitness centre for ladies. It's a 30 minute work out and works like circuits, 30 secs of work on a hydraulic machine then 30 mins on a recovery board. I used to work out for an hour every day and never had any results when I moved to curves I lost 7lbs and 7 inches in my first month and I continued to tone up month on month it was incredible! I've never been in such good shape. If you have any questions let me know and I can tell you more! Xxxx

Geena Reilly said...

Well done that's great you've been a makeup inspiration to me since I got your book which has taught me so much thanks :)

TinaSchmidt said...

The Atkins bars do the same to me! Find your self diabetic candies...the ones with poly alcohols/sugar alcohols. One candy is no carbs and helps with a sweets craving without setting you off on a major sugar binge. I am on a low carb diet too and when I know I am not really hungry but need a little treat I have a candy and I find it helps to keep me on track. Good luck! You are doing awesome! Don't let a plateau discourage you...when everything is written down like you are doing it is easy to see where you might have gone wrong if at all. I am going through a plateau right now but with women's bodies water retention etc comes in to play so it doesn't mean we aren't losing fat even if the scale is showing something different!

Penny said...

The Atkins bars and other foods sold under that name are crap! I did Atkins a year ago and loved it. Then I stayed somewhat low carb until I quit smoking and now I'm a giant non smoking pig.

Keep posting I need all the inspiration I can get!

Sophia said...

That dinner looked delicious, yum! A food diary is such a good idea, its so easy to forget which foods make you feel good and which ones make you feel rubbish.

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Laura Edwards said...

Hi lauren I was just wondering how you were doing? I miss watching your videos or reading what you've been up to. Any way hope you are well. :)

Deja Eva said...

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Sheeba Khan said...

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