Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Thanks for popping in :)

Hia everyone,
Welcome to my new bloggy woggy :)

I will be posting bits and pieces here and there and updating regular. Its mostly going to be make up because I love make up.
An insight to my little world and maybe even the odd rant... yes you heard right.. rant!

Have fun and hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing them.


heartbrokengirl19 said...

i luv ur make up tuorials on YouTube. I have a blog and a page. I subscribed!! My blog: Youtube:

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for showing this link in your youtube profile. I'll use it on my own m/u blog. Hope it's ok because you're one of my numerous sources of inspiration. I love your helpful vids of eye make up looks on youtube though it's sometimes hard to imitate them.Frankly speaking, I've problematic deep set eyes. Nonetheless, I share your passion for make-up and art in general. Thanks again for doing such a great "job" or mission. You rule!All the best, Mylanqolia

ParisSunset said...

Hi Lauren,

I love your videos! My favorite looks are your Sweet & Innocent Bridal Look and then your Barrie M Belly Dancer/Arabic look. I also like your neutral brown looks.

I was wondering if you could do a look using Urban Decay's Smog, or any similar bronze look? I just bought it and am having trouble making it look neutral-ish...

Thanks! And I wish you much success!

P.S. I'm a single mom too!


Emily said...

Hey Lauren, Love your makeup tutorials!! What webcam do you use to do them? I'm trying to do one but the close-up image of my eye doesn't come out nearly as crisp and clear as yours. The color is off. My cam is a logitech with 1.3mp (max). Thanks for any tips/tricks on this. =)

SarahC♥ said...

I think your vlogs are fab!
I would love you to do a "Cheryl Tweedy" inspired look. I have tried a thousand times to do it myself, but never get it right.


Vic said...

Hullo Lauren, I´m a 39-year-old Hungarian gal and longtime follower of your useful and entertaining YouTube tutorials (we share hair/skin/eye colouring, so I find them ideal!), so when I saw you had a blog here I HAD to say Hello, Thank You, Hats OFF, and Keep It Up; your work provides much inspiration and joy! (my blog try here´s pretty much gone inactive, sorry about that!)

All the best,
Krisztina Vic/Beautyjunkie "Max und Moritz"

Ellen Joyce said...

Hi Lauren!

I have been watching your tutorials for some time now and I think they're amazing!

You are very talented!!!!

Keep up with the good work

Erin Ptacek said...
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Erin Ptacek said...

Lauren! OK, I try that again. I've been watching your tutorials on YouTube. I wanted to thank you for the inspiration. My eyes are even deeper set than yours, and while I'd love to play with eyeshadow, the results end up more or less pointless. I think I can make several of these looks work for me. You've made this nerdy girl's life better. Thanks!

BooksandLove said...

I love watching your makeup tutorials. It has helped me try new looks. thanks again!

misslee said...

hey Lauren, I love your tutorials, I was wondering if you could do a Nicole from girlicious, make-up. please and thankyou.

Maeve said...

Hi Lauren, I absolutely love your videos - it gives me a lot of confidence to try mad colours! I would like to see more of the basics in changing the shape of the eye - esp if someone has deepset eyes (how to make them come out more) or if someone has very droopy eyes that go down at the sides (how to make them more level without turning them into a panda). I tune in most days to try a new look. Thanks for all the inspiration :) Ps: It's nigh on impossible to get cheap Mac online in Ireland except for Ebay - would be great to hear about any UK sites that sell mac and have V cheap shipping.

Anonymous said...

so, i just saw your makeup tutorials for the first time today and am so hooked. i'm a cosmetology student, so i know how to do a lot of things, i just love the ways you play with color and whatnot.

however, i did want to ask what the color is of your shadestick and if they still have it out. i was just on the MAC website and i'm slightly worried. lol. obviously, i don't expect you to contact me personally, but a little sidenote sometime would be nice. :] thank you for all you've done!

JuneFaith said...

owh you have a blog!
that's cool!
been a subscriber of your channel for a while now.
love your make up tuts!
keep it coming! :)

Zeny said...

Hi Lauren i love your videos and i wish i could have the same luck u have cause i wish i could be famous one day but i feel i have no talent at all well anyways i love ur accent and the way u do the makeup thingy hahaha.

I want u to know that i love England that is my favorite place in the world but ive never went there so im very interested in all about ur country and i was wondering if u can answer me a question.....ok? once ive heard something about that u (English people) have to use a mouthpiece to have ur accent. Im just curious about that and it would be so appreciate if u could answer me that question!!!

Thank a lot

and as u say!

zoom zoom!

(my email is

Flossie said...

Yay now you have a blog to read aswell!!


Flossie said...

And to Zeny above, um no English people don't have to use a mouthpiece... neither do Geordie's. That would be wierd and i don't think you would bother trying to have a certian accent lol

panacea81 AKA Lauren Luke said...

Thanks so much everyone for popping in and leaving some comments.
I hope you enjoy my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.

I will get back to all questions as quick as I can.

Best wishes, Lauren

Jana said...

Hi Lauren!!!First I love all that you do and I really try to become a good make up artist like you.I want to know how you clean the brushes after use.
Thank you

Rosalba101400 said...

Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to thank you for all your tutorials, I've learned a lot, I am very addicted to your videos, I am always looking for your new things. You are very special!!!!

premmy said...

hai there! i'm aaaaaall the way from malaysia. An indian girl that is totally afraid of colours. Thanks a bunch for showing us brown people how to look fabulous :) ur georgous,dont let anyone tell you otherwise.Love, Prem!

bBY.chantie said...

Im Chantelle. I was watching one of your videos on youtube, and i was so amazed so i decided to show my boyfriend and he was like HAHA you watch makeup on utube. and then when you became famous i was the one laughing at him. lol anyway i was watching another of your videos and u said that ur lashes were long and thin, well what i do is when i put on my mascara i put it behind my lash too that makes it thicker :) if that makes sence hehe. if not ill explain in better detail. just email me any way you are my idol and you have inspired so many people. keep up the good work.

love Chantelle

ka-ka said...

can u do a crazzy/colorfull (pink) eye look..with a perfect lip gloss??

ive tried puuting stuff on camara but i cant...cuz i suck at it!!

my name is erika..(ka-ka)i hope im not asking for to much..i just think ur awsome at this stuf!!!

keep it up!!

P.S--i get excited everytime i see you have another video!!

Im a huge fan!!

Sara said...

i watch you on youtube lauren & on the barrym website im 1 of ur suscribers n im known as sassypwincess aka hannah i luv ur bloggy woggy n pretty soon i'll be buying one of your brush sets
keep up the good work on youtube & the barrym site

btw congrats on ur sucsess

marysestm171 said...

Hi it's for a request i will like to know how to do hilary duff makeup in come clean tanks ;-)

good job love U

Sorry I don't have a good english

Music4eva said...

Wow! Your Youtube vidios are AMAZING!! I watch them all the time! You are so talented!!
Luvin the blog!!

Words don't come easy said...

Hi Lauren

I'm a huge fan of your work - im addicted to your vids..
I wrote this little piece about you on my own blog - I hope you get a chance to read it.

Of course i only wrote good things...

keep up the fantastic work.

zoom zoom! ;)

LINDSAY said...

can u do a taylor swift our song make up video? the one wear she's wearing the blue

susana said...

hey lauren. just wanted to drop by and show you support. I just watched your interview on bbc and want to congradulate you because you are as humble as your appear online which is great. I know you have a lot of fans. Just wanted to let you know you have one from boston! give us details on where to get the brushes and make up! take care if you do have a chance please email me take care stay beautiful

Francesca said...


I'm not sure if you have before but can you give a tutorial on making pressed pigments? It'd be great to get some different shades without spending more money!


Anonymous said...

hey whats up I want a katy perry ur so gay music video! please and thank you!

kaida said...

thank you so much for your wondrerful tutorials i drive my daughter nuts practising on her.
if you ever come to australia please let us know on your web site it would be great to meet you. i wish you and your son the best, keep up the good work.
thanks kaida brisbane australia

Natalie said...

My name is Natalie. I am 17 years old and I just wanted to say thank you for being a positive female role model.I definately feel pressure to be thin and beautiful. You make me feel like being healthy is beautiful. I have struggled with eating disorders in my past but finally I am coming to terms with the fact that my happiness should not rely on the number on the scale. You are very beautiful and I hope to take pride in myself like you do. So, thank you.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

I really love your make up tutorials on Youtube. You're so talented! I couldn't find on my own how to create those make ups.

I'd like to know if you could create a tutorial for the make up that this person (he's Juka, a Japanese singer) wears because I find it beautiful but I can't do it on my own...

Once more, you're doing good job. I hope to see new tutorials soon.

(I'm sorry if my English is not that good but I'm French...)

Gaby said...

Hi Lauren!! I love your videos on youtube. I watch them all the time. I also have a little collection of my own Barry M makeup myself. Thank you for introducing me to them, I LOVE THEM!! Keep up the videos. You are very nice & honest person,don't change for no one. I just recieved my Dazzle Dust #14 khaki could you PLAESE help me & make a video with this color? I would really appeciate it. Thank you so much!! Gaby from USA Indiana

Cassie said...

Hi can you do a look for young girls. My daughter is 12 and is experimenting with makeup. She looks like an owl when she is done....

Anonymous said...

i just love your job..last year i got my graduation in make up,i really like and respect your work,congrats and we love you,don't stop posting more videos!Bassgeisha!

sosinful2008 said...

hey would u do makeup tutorials using collection 2000 dazzle me! dusts please hehe am i think ur great!

fairecara said...

Hi Ya,
Lauren I watch you on YOU TUBE but I’m not aloud an account because im TO YOUNG! I’M 10 ALMOST 11! 
But I have Icy Blue eyes and all my friends say I have green eyes BUT I DON’T! 
I hate it when we start fighting then
I was wandering if you could do a Icy Blue Make Up Show on YOU TUBE PLZ!:) 
Any way it don’t matter I like my eyes Green Blue or Icy!:) 
So BYE BYE! Please do an Icy Blue Eye one!:)  Cara

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