Saturday, 14 June 2008


Hia everyone,
Please leave all your make up requests here so I can keep a track of them in the one place.
I know I keep on going on about it but I get over 100 emails per day and thats just in youtube so this way it keeps everything together for me to find easily.

When you post your requests, I would appreciate some picture links so I have something to work from without having to trall the internet with the tiny bit of time I do have left in the day.

I am always more than happy to do the looks you ask for wiether they are celebrity, casual, natural or for specific eye colours! You name it!

Take care and thanks a million to everyone for being utterly fab!


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kelly said...
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kelly said...

Sorry for the double post! Wrote the first link wrong!

Hi Lauren! I'd love if you could do a tutorial on Holly Madison's makeup from the TV show "The Girls Next Door". She seems to be fairly consistent with the colors she wears. The pics in both links get bigger if you click on them. Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials and keep up the great work - you are truly talented! :)


Jana said...

Hi Lauren!!!It's me again about Avril Lavigne look...I love the look that you have do,but I reallly want to see a very black smoked eyes!!!Please!!!!Love you!!The link to the picture is:

always thank you,for all the tutorials!!!

Skeleliz said...

Hi! I love your videos, but I was kinda hoping you could do a Jeffree Star inspired look. While I don't really like his music, I LOVE his style of makeup. I was thinking maybe you could do something like at:
It'd be much apprciated! ^.^

panacea81 AKA Lauren Luke said...

Thanks everyone for the requests.
They will all be logged even if I dont reply.

Thanks for the great look requests :)
Take care, Lauren

Anonymous said...

I think I already emailed you about this but I would love if you did a Evan Rachel Wood look from the movie Running With Scissors. I don't know how to add a picture but the link is here:

Anonymous said...

Here's the link, it got cut off:

Anonymous said...

Sorry again. Here's the rest that keeps getting cut off.


lilly of the rose said...

hi there, I was really impressed by the Amy Lee look from Lithium! And I was wondering if you could do a look from a picture of Amy Lee I found. here is the link - - Thanks. L~

Dannie said...

ohhh can you do a Jackie Beat makeup inspired look!??

that would be so fun! :)

like this:



Dannie said...

i realized this cuts off links

well here are a bit of those pics


Anonymous said...

hey lauren i am really interested in a brush set, do all the brushes have that stippling brush like the one showed you in the pink set

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren!
I was wondering if you would do a Jeffree Star inspired look. Im going to be in a Fashion Show at my cosmetology school dressed up like him and would love to be able to do the makeup up. here's the pic thanks very much. keep up the good work.

Prisiclla Korkames

kandieegirl said...

hi Lauren!
im really excited to make a request. but your amazing at what you do.i would appreciate it if you could recreate this look for me when your not busy.
if that doesnt work go here

i was wondering if you could recreate this look??
thank you for

Sarah...x.x.x.x said...

Hi Lauren. I am so happy to be making a request as I really think you are a fantastic make up artist. I have noticed that you only do eyes most of the time and so I was wondering if you could do a foundation and concealor tutorial because I am hopeless at putting on concealor and foundation and always end up looking like im wearing a mask. Could you also do something with pink on the eyes please.
Thanks. Your the best :-)

Leah said...

Hi lauren

was just wondering if you had any make up tips or if you could do a tutorial for people with bad skin? find it really disheartening when beautiful eye make up etc is let down by skin with is hard to cover. dont know if this will be possible as you quite obviously have beautiful skin, but i would appreciate it so much is there were any products or techniques that you could recommend!thanks!x

Anonymous said...

hi lauren, i absolutely love your vidoes... i just have one problem... i'm from the netherlands and they don't sell any good shade sticks here. i've been lookinfor them for a long time but i end up with finding really cheap ones that don't work properly. do you have any advise?
also í would love it if you could do an Amy MacDonald look sometime, i really love the make up she wares!


here's a picture of the amy macdonald look ->

Kirsten said...

Hey Lauren! Love your videos!

I was wondering if you could do a Jeffree Star make up inspired look? I think all his looks are wacky and fab!

Here's a pic:



Ekaterina said...

Hiya Lauren

I love watching your youtube videos. I especially enjoy the occasional guest appearance of your pug Phoebe and fluffy fox-like Mindy. :)

You mentioned in your first Amy Lee video that you were planning to do a skincare video soon. I just wanted to say that I can't wait, because I'd love to get some tips from you on cleansing, moisturizing, and acne/blackhead-maintenance. I was also wondering how to tell if you have dry/oily/combination skin, and what facial care is most suitable for each of these types of skin.

Many thanks, and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lauren, excellent news, can´t wait for my 29-pcs-set to arrive :))

I say, can I post a tutorial request here? I´d dearly love it if you´d do a Lord of the Rings look (Éowyn, Galadriel or Arwen - guess the latter would match your Snow White looks to a T; the make-up she wears in the movies is listed here: Though I´d like your own take on it best!

Plenty of LOTR pics here:

Thanks in advance, also for your great tutorials, and I hope to buy many more products from you.

Christina Vic/Max und Moritz from the Beautyjunkies.

Valenzana said...

Hi Lauren,
the makeup that I would like to have is a picture i saw of paris Hilton.I hope you will make a tutorial of this look.
Kisses from Italy

AstriiD said...

Hello! Lauren !

I'm astrid from the netherlands

I don't speak englisch great

But I love youre work !

It's Beautiful!

Erin. said...

I know you have done two Hayley williams all ready but this one is different.
I just think the green is a really pretty colour.


Badá Rock said...

Hia Lauren,

Can you please post a tutorial on makeup for light latin/ yellow-based complexion?
Not any color matches my skin, so if you can please make something to us latin girls it would be very nice.
Thank you!


Lil_Screamo_Diamond said...

Hi, i was wondering whether you would be able to do one of my favorite models make-up inspired looks. audrey kitching i have a couple of links that you can choose form as i would be happy with any of them thanks.
abby *0*

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lauren! I think I've sent you a mail, but that was before I knew I should post here. So if you get this twice, I'm sorry. :]

I'd love it if you could do a Labyrinth-y 80's inspired look. I'm needing it for a costume, and I can't figure out how to do it.

Is a fairly decent picture, but if you haven't seen the movie, the base colors are blue and white. :]

Sumera said...

Hi Lauren

I was wondering if you could do some tutorials that would bring out brown eyes for Asian skintones? (which is wheat coloured with pink undertones) and what would work best to conceal dark circles and naturally dark pigmented eyelids.



Ana said...


you r so fab! love your tutorials... you make the whole thing looks so easy (even do is not! hahahah)

please, could you show us how to do the Nicole, from pussycat dolls, look in the new PCD video?

the link is this:

how has she done the pink look from the begin???


Anonymous said...

Hey, great idea, Lauren! Thx so much for this kind offer. But I think, my idea is somehow weird. Honestly, I'm not that interested in celebs m/u. Frankly speaking, I like your own amazing eye make up-creations the most. Anyways, it would be fantastic if you had some models (maybe you'll find some victims... I'd like to be one but I live in the wrong country, I guess)with different shapes of eyes ( and could demonstrate how to apply some excellent eye make ups on them. Just remember the hooded and deep set-eyes chicks like me!;-) Hope that you can realise that idea some day. Would be fab! Stay beautiful and good luck for the certificate! Huggies, Mylanqolia

Destiny said...

Hi Lauren, I love your videos, I discovered them last night and this morning I did the Duffy "Mercy" look. I was wondering if you could do a video on makeup for green eyes.

caram3lle said...
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holly said...

sorry if you have to cut and paste that link funny! i see they keep cutting off so i broke it up!

i was wondering if you could do a summer Minty green eye look with pale pink lips.
i put some photos/colors in that pic for inspiration with the look but feel free to do whatever comes to mind! I would just really like to see a funky yet wearable minty green look =)

Anonymous said...

Hia Miss Lauren! I'm Helenbee123 on my youtube account but I was just wondering if you could do a sci-fi/urban fairy look using purple and teal? I know it's kind of a weird request. Haha! But that you! Your amazing and I love watching your videos!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

Thanks again for your amazing tutorials.
I'm attending a wedding pretty soon, and I'm wearing a sort of 1960s inspired dress.
For that reason, I was hoping you could do an Audrey Hepburn inspired look. She's always been an icon for most of us, and I think this look would be a great success, given people's general interest in the looks and styles from the 1960s and 1970s.

Let me suggest a link where you can find one of the most famous pictures of Audrey, which is drawn from Breakfast at Tiffany's (hope this is gonna work)

Thanks a million!

from France

Tove Veronica said...

OMG, I just totally love your make-up tips!!!! Give us more on how to get the glamour look! I want my eyes to pop out like a goldfish eye. Or.. lol, you know what I mean! ;)

Emma said...

Hey Lauren! I'd like to see you do a make up inspired look of Juliette Lewis (black hair, bright red lips, dark eyes) there's plenty of pics of her on google - any will do, she uses the same style most of the time (out of films).

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Emma (aka Emm0r from youtube)

Cara Bea said...

I love your videos!
You look so pretty in the picture at the top of this blog!

I need a makeup look for my prom!

I have a black and white spotty dress with yellow shoes, could you do a viseo for me? Or at least email me at soe advice/a written tutorial?

I'd really appreciate it, I want to look beautiful for prom!

(p.s. I'm having curly hair if that helps)

musicalpanda said...

Hey :)

I would love to see a neon/glitter look, something really daring and full on. Here are a few pics to give ideas but would love to see you mix them together to make a daring look. I usually wear this kind of thing on a night out but am sure you can make it look that bit better :)

Thanks & keep up the fab work!

Sari said...

Hi Lauren! You have me hooked on MAC products! I love you for showing me how make up can be fun and not a chore... Please could you show us a Audrey Hepburn inspired look? I was thinking Breaksfast at Tiffany's first, but she really didn't have that many different looks so I'm not picky :D

Love, Sari

Tatiana said...

Lauren could you please do some tutorials with looks that are going to look good on darker skin tones like indian, africa america, and middle eastern. I do love the looks you do now its just that a lot of them dont look as well on darker skin tones.

babs x bunny said...

hi lauren(:
your so amazing at what you do
and this is my fist time requesting something and id just love your you to do it the person is jeffree star and i know you already have a request for him but i have a different picture

well id really appriciate it if you did this one and also how can i buy the brushes that you use !

much love

please reply back or email at

ashley-mccllm17 said...

Hi Lauren! I must say you are pretty amazing at what you do!! I'm jealous! haha. I really liked your Avril Lavigne inspired look..but I as well would like you to do a smokier eye of Avril.
Keep up the awesome work!

natasha said...

Hi Lauren! i would love if u did a tutorial on jessica from prima j. i love how her makeup is fairly simple but ultra sexy.Please!!Love you!!the link to the picture is:


babyangel28 said...

Hi Lauren, Ive watched your videos on you tube and think there brill, you have inspired me to be more creative with my makeup and try new looks. I would love it if you could create a bold pink fairy look, as i have looked around but have had no luck.
p.s you are truely gifted at makeup

lunglady said...
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Diane said...

I LOVE all of your video tutorials!(Love doogies too!)Are you going to sell Barry M on your website with shipping to the states? I really am interested in the cream foundation. You are very beautiful and talented! I wish the best to you!

GEorcy said...

Hi Lauren! First Thanks for all your make up video !! My fav is the nautical eyes -- now everybody'S telling me I have beautiful eyes!
The special demand is about Shakira in Objection Tango. She got some really dark make up but it's so sexy !

Keep on doing make up !! U really

GEorcy said...

have talent !! --- Sorry for the space lol

Lady Vankovic said...

Hey. Im from Malaysia... and im 19(in 2 months) and i have never worn make up at all. my stepmum used to tell me that make up is for bad girls,so
i never learnt to use them... But i fell in love with make up after mixing with online friends that look gorgeous, and my bf is a sucker for make up'ed' girls. So... I found your youtubes when i was looking for mke up tutorials, and youre now my official make up tutor. Thanks.youre the best

cruzigrl said...

hi Lauren,

thanks heaps for all ur tutorials they are awesome! cud u plze do some J-Lo make-up? :) thnx

cruzigrl said...

hi Lauren,

thanks heaps for all ur tutorials they are awesome! cud u plze do some J-Lo make-up? :) thnx

Erin said...

Get is the first time I've ever even checked out YouTube. Can you imagine? Honestly, there are too many videos to see & I always thought they were all of dumb pranks, so I never bothered.

I didn't know where to begin so I typed "A", in the search field, and your Avril Lavine goth eyes video was the first thing that looked interesting. Oh my gosh, you are so talented & your personality shines through so well. Good job! Your BBC segment was great too. Don't get discouraged, just find yourself a trusted business manager, that way you can focus on what you love and leave the stress to a pro.

I am a young 36 years old & never wear eye makeup (except mascara) because I don't know how to apply it. I feel as though I look like I have two shiners, no matter what shades I have attempted.

After watching you, I feel as though I may attempt to wear more makeup. This will make my Grandmother very happy as she is always telling me to bring out my hazel eyes. Thanks for doing what you do. Good on ya!

Virginia said...


I recently stumbled upon your makeup tutorials and I've gone makeup crazy lately! Your color combos are awesome, and you've got such great talent and personality! Keep up the great work!

I wanted to request an Avril lavigne look and this one is an variation of her usual dark black eye makeup... it's like a smokey greyish purplish black with peachy pink in the centre, and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Here's the link:

Virginia said...
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Leana said...

Hi Lauren,
Can you do a very dramatic and exotic red and black look? Maybe geisha inspired? Obviously not including the white kabuki makeup. Just an inspired look for the eye? Im sorry I don't have a link for you to look at.
Thank you love, your videos are great!

Angie said...

Hi Lauren,
I am interested in purchasing one of the brush sets (18 piece gold, and 24 piece) but before I do that can you give more information about the brushes on your blog next time. What type of bristles are they made of, what is the difference between each set. I am sorry if this is a lot of trouble but it would be really helpful. If you have already posted this information regarding your brushes where can I find it?


aNNa said...

Hi Lauren!!

I have just recieved my pink brushes set. They're great!!
¿Is there any possibility of making a tutorial about them? So that you can explain how to use them, what brush should we use each time, etc...

Thanks in advance!!

Take care,
Anna Font

Anonymous said...

Hullo Lauren, the red and black brush set arrived, thanks for your fast and fabulous service!!

Like Anna, I´d love it if you did a tutorial for these brushes - there are several among them I´ve never seen in other sets and I´ve no clue what they´re for *g*

Once again thanks, and I look forward to buying again from you!

Krisztina/"Max und Moritz" from Austria

savannah said...
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savannah said...
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savannah said...

could you please do this marilyn manson one.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi dear Lauren :
A very nice request, an Alanis Morisette look (from her new album).
Thanks a lot xxxxx

CarlyM said...

I would like to buy a brush set please.

The goldy one i think.



p.s think the tutorials are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Hi lauren,
I absolutly love your tutorials, I have to say youve convinced me to look into MAC lol.

My question isnt really about a makeup look or style.. but do you have any suggestions or tips for applying flase eyelashes? Ive tried for yrs and have little to no patience with them lol! I trim them down to fit my eye but I simply cant master waiting how long for the glue to set just right before applying them to my eyes.

Sorry to ramble on, just troubled and frustrated lol

Thank you for any advice, hope you are well.



hey lauren.
love the makeup tutorials :)

i was just wondering which set has more eyeshadow brushes. I don't really need face brushes, or lip brushes as much as eyeshadow brushes, & i wanted to know which set is your favorite. just get back to me as soon as you can, but no rush, i know you have a life to tend to :)

i'm interested in buying though.

Anonymous said...

HI Lauren!
Can you do a look with any of the following e/s from MAC:

Corduroy (dark brown)
Coquette (grey/brown taupe)
Honesty (Gold/copper lustre)
Plum Dressing (rich purple with gold flecks)
Petalescent (light lilac/pink)
Swimming (Emerald green with gold flecks lustre)
Gesso (bone white matte)
Orb (light beige)
Ricepaper (soft peachy gold)
Poisenpen (matte purple)
Paradisco (coraly pink)

That would be SO awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh also I have fair skin and green eyes, with brown hair.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren!

You allways do tutorials for brown eye people so I was wondering if you could do one for people with green eyes. That would be fabulous!

I have no idea if this pictures helps but you get an idea of what green eyes im talking about but, foresty green:

Also I wanted to tell you I watch your videos all the time and im absolutly in LOVE with you! You have such beauty on the inside and out i really enjoy watching!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren;

I'd love to see some Kat Von D looks -- she captures a lot of your style, and I know she's a big Mac pigment/shadow user.

Here are some of her looks:

Thank you for all of your wonderfully helpful videos.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Lauren! (:
I think you really talented, I know you hear this a lot but I'm sure once more won't hurt =D . I was hoping you would do a tutorial on "emo make-up" ? The link is down below. It's a picture of Kiki Kannibal "scene queen". I'd love to be able to do that make-up, perhaps you could help?


Mariana said...

i'm brazilian, and i just LOVE all your videos on youtube.

could you do some Emma Watson look?
she was at Chanel Pre-Fall Fashion Show in 2007 looking so fantastic with a dark and smokey make up.
could you do this one?
i can send you the pics, if you want to.

thank you!! =D
and sorry about my english ;D

lfowler06 said...

Hi Lauren!
I would LOVE for you to do a Jessica Simpson "These Boots are made for walking" look. Heres the link to the video:

Thanks a ton!

CarlyM said...

I'd like a gold brush set.

Please get in touch and let me know how to go about it.



FlamboyantLizzi said...

I have a 78 .. kingfisher colour. woudl you be able to do somin with that for me? ive tried a green and blue look like with a sorta tan colour cheeks its realy sea mystycal but i dont wanna keep doing that over. .. im doing a hairdressing course and i love your hair .. i reckon youcan pull off a sexy a propa large one.

Pussytiv said...

Well hi !
Im a girl from sweden, and i just have to say that i LOVE what you do.

And I would like you to do a Jeffree Star make up !
Its like a big challenge,
ok, maybe not for you.. I dont know, but yeah.. It would be cool.

Thank you!

Marina L said...

Hi! I have to say again that I really love what you do. I'm so amazed by your videos!
So I have a request. Did you ever watch the Hilary Duff's video clip for Wake Up? She got 4 different looks in it (London, Paris, Tokyo and something that might be New York at least American). Well, my request is for the London look (though i'm from Paris!). So here are the link for the video and links for closeup pictures of her London look makeup.

Thanks a lot for your videos!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Lauren, I adore your vids and have been really inspired by your looks.

I think I have emailed you about this one before but I am really keen to see you do it. I found a card with this look in a upmarket department store and loved it.

The link for it is here. It has the instructions on the back to follow, I tried doing it myself but I botched it something cruel.

Anyways here's the link...

Thanks again for all your past tutorials and look forward to your new ones.

Take care


crazymigirl said...

Hi there! 1st let me say WOW and thank you! Your videos have helped me a lot. Makeup is the 1 thing I splurge on for myself. Can you do a couple of looks for green eyes? I've been trying to find a look that will make my eyes pop. BTW-I'm not afraid of Bright vibrant colors ;-)

Smiles ~:-)

Tatiana said...

Hey Lauren could u please do a Mila Kunis look from Aerosmith's "Jaded" video?


Anonymous said...

Hi lauren I reallt love your work and I was wondering if you could do an Ashley Tisdale Inspired look.

tyal22 said...

Hej ,my name is Tya and i m from Romania , and i admire your work !! im a make-up girl too and i love waching your videos!!good work !keepit like that

Bronya xx said...

Hey Lauren
I was just wonderin if you could do audrey hepburn look. I love your videos :).
Here's a link to the picture.

Thanks Bronya xx

just for one request said...

Hey Lauren! I am so happy for you! Your story really shows how anyone's dream can come true, in one way or another. I made this account because I noticed that you want all look requests made here so that they are organized. Can you please make a look similar to amy lee's look in the video for sweet sacrifice? it would be a celebrity inspired look, and i've included the link for the music video on youtube along with good points to pause for a good view of amy's makeup so you can get a good feel for what the look is like. Thanks so much! :)

Music Video link below(pause at :10, :38, 2:43, and 2:58 for some good views)


katiekatie17 said...

Hi Lauren, just a request for a makeup look that I found to be really pretty. its sort of a dark smoky look. its a gary allan music video.. the girl in it i like her makeup :) at 2:26 you can see it pretty well. and 2:32. thank you =)

Anonymous said...

Hiiiii Lauren im in loooove with ur youtube channel!! <3

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez *about to cry*

do this look

dont let me down

thaaanXxx in advance hun *kisses*

Carolyn said...

Lauren, you are brilliant and your talent is brilliant! I was wondering if you could do Kate Winslet from "The Holiday" (such a fresh look I thought) And Cameron Diaz from the same movie (though it didn't look like there was much to her look, just mascara maybe?) Thanks!
Also thank you for posting such vids on youtube, your advice is wonderful and insightful!

Connathan said...

Hi Lauren, I know it's quite subtle, but would you be able to demonstrate KT Tunstall's eye make up? Pics:

christinaa said...

I was wondering if you could do a megan fox inspired look?
like this:


Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

hiii lauren i checked the link that i have just posted it turned out it didnt work soooo... here the link again

look 1

look 2

Elizabeth said...

hi lauren, well i see u have tons of requests but i really would like u to make a tutorial of amy lee's make up in the video going under, is really dark, i really hope u can make it thanks soooo much!!!!

kaitlynkhaos2011 said...

hey lauren!
i have fallen in love with your videos. they are a lot of help but i was wondering if you could do a Mrs. Lovett look from Sweeney Todd?
i was wanting to do my make-up for halloween inspired by her. and it would be greatly extremely appreciated if you would!!!

here are some links that may help :]:

im not quite sure how much these would help but i would love it if you could try.
thank you soo much and once again i love your videos!



Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

All your videos are so awesome! I really enjoy watching them.

Could you please do a Jennifer Aniston inspired look? Here's the link: (click on the picture to enlarge)

And also Evangeline Lilly's as well??

Thanks tons!

Kelly said...

Hi! I just found your channel and love your videos. You're such an inspiration.

If you ever need a suggestion, I'd love to see one on Megan Fox. While not quite as dramatic as some of the other ones, it's still a look I think a lot of girls would like to see done.

I've seen her look without the eye make-up and it's almost as if it gives her a completely different look around the eyes. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, thank you for your videos! Keep up the fantastic work.

Elien said...

Hay Lauren,
i realy realy love your tutorals on youtube! You look so great in the video about the new brush sets, can you please put a video from that look on youtube?I have a very light skin and hair, and i have blue eyes, do you know some great evening looks, and a look to wear daily? I can get the mac make up becouse i live near to Antwerp in Belgium but the barry M, and stila make up u can't buy, i don't have any creditcards to pay with.
anyway, i realy love your work and i hope to buy the golden brushset soon, can you contact me about that because i realy can't buy with checks or paypall. my email:
greatings and thanks for the great tutorals!

Anonymous said...

hello lauren,

i was hoping you wanted to do a request look for me. it's about uruha from the japanese rock band the gazette. i don't know if it's an easy one since he has asian eyes which is a totally other eye shape than european eyes. but i hope you want to do it for me. the picture was the onely one i could find that didn't have all his hair over his eyes so i hope you can see the look proparly. also i was thinking if you know any paticialar colors that look good on green eyes.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren! I truly am a fan of yours : D
Well I'd like for you to do a make-up inspired look on Naifa Wehbe. Here's a link to the picture:

Please && Thank you :]

Love lots♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,
I have Barry M dazzle dusts in Chocolate and I think Pink Shimmer. I think they would look wicked together, but I'm no good at figuring out how to do it, if you know what I mean!
I'd also like to second the request for a foundation and concealer tute, I can get the foundation on ok but the concealer just makes my dark circles look worse!
Sorry to ramble a bit there. I think you're awesome and I really admire you. You seem so friendly and down to earth, usually I find anyone with a serious interest in make up really intimidating but you're not at all!
Thanks in advance, Emma

wmac182 said...

hi lauren! i love your tutorials and ive never requested anything but now i would like to request the lauren conrad look ill post links

thank you

Ezmaye said...

I've got a very small supply of make-up and at the moment i'm saving for a festival so i'm skint for the next month. But I was thinking, Maybe you could please come up with a really snazzy eye makeup design with some rather limeted supplys...I have;
Barry M - Kingfisher Dazzle Dust
Barry M - Green Iridescent Dazzle Dust
Barry M - Liquid Eyeliner (black)
Glitter Dusts - Pink Whit & Blue
Claires - Blue Liquid eyeliner
and a black mascara. (Dior)
I've ran out of ideas and am stuck for inspiration...
Please help :)
Best wishes Ez xx
P.s Keep up the Dazzley work...

Anonymous said...

hey lauren! i would love if you did two tutorials on Amy Lee and talena Atfield

here are a few pictures of amy lee

and here are a few of Talena Atfield

thank you sooo much!!
you are the best :D

katiekatie17 said...

Lauren, this is a really simple request! It doesn't matter what type of look. But you know the brushes you ordered before with the pink dyed ends.. that you also ordered in the black. Could you please use them in one of your videos because I am thinking of purchasing them. Are they any good? Thanks

chelseyaldred said...

hey i think your wonderful and i was hoping maybe you would do like a 5 step process for every day glam eyes? like super easy but super affective for night time. and i was wondering if you do foundation and lips? cuz doing the 5 step on those would be killer too. maybe some fun eye designs for brown eyes your so creative i would just love to see some that really bring out brown eyes. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS YOU ALREADY HAVE HELPED ME SO SO MUCH!
xx chels

sasha said...

Hi Lauren

i would like to request a eye make up tutorial on SEREBRO . here is a picture .
few videos on youtube

its arussian girl band and im kinda twin sister of black haired girl in the middle , so i would like to know how to make eyes like that

and also , i would love you forever and call my Goddess if you could make a tutorial how to get rid of "tired eye look ", bags under eyes and so many more problems . couse its not always the eyes or lips only , all face needs to be done . thx and keep doing what your so good at :)

love , Sasha

Robin said...

Hey Lauren! Hope you're having a fantastic week!!

Well, to get to the request, it would be super cool if you did the makeup from CURSE OF THE GOLDEN DRAGON.

Here's a couple links to use.

THANKS SO MUCH! You're a wonderful artist!

Robin Kills The Enemy

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,
I'm owner of a Dannii Minogue website ( and would love it if you could do a Dannii look for her fans.
I had her "Touch Me Like That" video in mind and have included a few photos of the style i would prefer.

heres the video link

and here are a few photos

big thanx

Anonymous said...

hi Lauren i posted a request on a message to you on youtube then i saw that you wanted them to go here so here thay are again both are amylee yaay lol:

hope you are having a great week XD




Amy Lee Malice in wonderland look:

Sweet sacrifice look:

found a link showing her make up lady Beth doing a bit of it this may help more. at 1.14 you get a good look XD

Nobody said...

Hey, I'd like to know if you could do more tutorials for makeup ideas specifically for blue eyes?

And here's an odd request, how bout a tutorial on Chris Crockers make up?

I love your work, your absolutely amazing, and I still don't know how you manage to look so stunning in every different look. x

Nobody said...

Hey, I'd like to know if you could do more tutorials for makeup ideas specifically for blue eyes?

And here's an odd request, how bout a tutorial on Chris Crockers make up?

I love your work, your absolutely amazing, and I still don't know how you manage to look so stunning in every different look. x

Nobody said...

Hey, I'd like to know if you could do more tutorials for makeup ideas specifically for blue eyes?

And here's an odd request, how bout a tutorial on Chris Crockers make up?

I love your work, your absolutely amazing, and I still don't know how you manage to look so stunning in every different look. x

Pebbles said...

Hey Lauren!!

Sorry, this is going to be a copy and paste of the note I left on your YouTube channel, but I then noticed the link to your bloggy woggy (haha i love it) and realised it would be better to leave a comment here.

Basically prom/graduation ball is in four days and I still have no idea what to do with my make-up, and I was wondering if I could get a reply from the best!

My dress is ruby red and black, my eyes are blue, and my hair is brown and it's going to be up. Jewellery is ruby and silver. The prom is this saturday and if you aren't able to do a video tutorial, please could you suggest some looks or tips that could help? That'd be awesome!


Thank you very much, you talented, talented person!


Anonymous said...

Hey lauren!

I came across this really cool picture and i absolutely looveee the eye shadow on her.

a tutorial on this would be really cool, but to make it less dramatic you could not do the green color near and above the eyebrow. thanks!

keep the tutorials coming girl, youre awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

My bad, i only put in half of the url earlier.

the full one is


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

hey lauren! i just wanted to say that i love your vids! you have great tips and i love your step by step makeup looks.
and i think what i love the most is that you're so relatable and naturally gorgeous and just...REAL. that's the word i was looking for! i wish you the best of luck and hope you get where you want to get in the makeup industry.

anyways i just wanted to request if you might be able to do some makeup looks for indians, since our skin is darker and we have dark features it is hard to find good makeup tips. and some of the makeup tutorials do not suit our skintone that much.
this is my skin color:

but i have dark brown eyes and black hair/black i was wondering if you might be able to show me how to do some nighttime looks? i try to steer clear of heavy bright colors like reds, yellows, pinks, greens... i mostly use golds and earth tones but if you have any suggestions that would look good with this skintone, i'd really appreciate it!
again, best of luck and keep up with the great vids!

Anonymous said...

hello! i really like how demi lovato does her makeup. and wanted to know if you have any tips and tricks on how to get something along the lines/ similar to how she does her makeup.
just a few pictures for reference. thank you very much.

zurra_zai said...


i'm ur fan from malaysia..

i need ur help.can u pls show me how to do eye makeup on narrow slit eyes. i love smokey eye looks but just have no idea how to do it..but any look will do..


P/s: if it helped, u can visit my friendster profile to get the idea of how my eye looks like..cos i dont know how to put my pic in here..hahaha...thanks again..

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren!
I know this sounds like a wonky request, but I have this mask that I have to go with a costume I wear. It's a lion. If you could, maybe...a dramatic lion-ish costume like makeup. There is a picture of this mask at about half way down the page named Therin. I love your work, it's very beautiful. I'm sure you hear it way too much, but it's so very true.

Sian said...

Hey Lauren!...i love all of your looks, and work, they are brilliant!.

I am a beauty therapist, and always find it tricky to a 'retro look'. And would love it, if you could do a 1960ish make up look, something with pale lips, heavy liquid eyeliner, something like that?.
Keep up the good work!
Thanks Sian

Gigi said...

Hiya, I'm Gigi, I'm 12 years old, and really luv your vids (they're really helpful!) I have been trying to find a style that works for me for ages but can't seem to find anything that suits me. My friends and family say I look like Briana Evigan from "Step Up 2". I found this picture of her in this video where her smokey eye effect looks really striking and also suits her. I also found another picture tha is more subtle, but still equally as nice. i think that these looks, particulally the first would really look nice for girls who are going out as it is very eye-cathching,
please pick my idea,
thanks so much,
Gigi x

Here are the links;

1st one- Smokey
2nd one- subtle

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! How have you been? I hope great! I love your make up toturials! Its really helping me how to learn to put make up on! I would love it if you would do a make up inspired look of Ashley Tisdale here are some pictures so you can see what im talking about hopefully you will get the chance to do this one!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! First off, I'd just like to say your tutorials are very helpful. Thanks so much.

Also, since you love very pigmented make-up, I think might like Urban Decay. I love it. You should pick up an eyeshadow palette :]

And now to the request.

I really want to an Amy Hartzler (Amy Lee's married name now) based on the Sweet Sacrifice video.

That's the best pic I could find, but you can see it much clearer in the making of video:
(it's only 2:15, really short)

Yuno said...

Hey! I´m a big fan of you! I think you´re awsome, really good with makeup! My request, from the video "Hold it don´t drop it", i´ve been looking everywhere on the net to get an idea on how to do it, without success, can you help me? heres the link:

Yuno said...

By the way, its the black and white one :P

OneSecondToMidnight said...

I find your Make Up talents to be AMAZING. You Lauren, is a magician with make up!

I love Flyleaf, and I love the song "Sorrow" and also, Lacey Mosley's make up.

I cant find a big enough photo of her, but I know a part in the music video where you can see her make up clearly.

TIME: 0:55, or 55 seconds into the video.

Again, I'm sorry that I couldn't find a picture big enough, all of the ones I found was small 100x100 pixels, and that is small.

suzi said...

Hey there i want to take the time to ty for the tutorials.. they are fantastic.. not many take the time to do the step by steps for each look and i appreciate that.. i do modeling as well as photography work and i have used many of the looks you have done... i do have a request.. there is a song by Ben Moody + Anastacia - Everything Burns, i adore her make up in the vid.. would love to see you do a tutorial of it.. thanks inadvance!


~sexymam1~ said...

hi lauren, i so love your videos. I was just on you tube and i got hooked on ur videos. i learned so much from u..i have more confidence in me now going out and having them sexy well i wanted to know if u can do nicole scherzinger from the pussycat dolls.

this is the link i copy off the website of the look i want to know how to do... THANKS SO MUCH!!! Keep doing your thang girl..your so beautiful.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE do Jeffree Star! His makeup is ah-mazing!
i love your videos! you are really talented :)

Jen-nay said...

Hi Lauren,

I would really like to see a tutorial on Kelly Clarksons makeup in "Since You've Been Gone" Her makeup is FAB!!! I have tried to do the look but I always fail.

Thank you soooo much

Chellee6 said...

Hi Lauren!!!! I loooooooove your tutorials!!! And I think you are such a nice person and I'm glad you are having the success that you are - you deserve it girl!!! But hey - can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a Jeffree Star tutorial??? His makeup is AMAZING and would love to learn how he does the black shadow look underneat his eyes.

Thanks and take care chica!!!


Xylina said...

Hi Lauren!! I naturally have dark brown eyes but i wear green contacts, what colors can i use to make the color of my contacts stand out? I've experimented with different colors of greens and browns but i just can't find the right one!! Can you help me please? Thank you so much!!

Oh and i absolutely LOVE your tutorials!!

tlcarpoff said...

Hi Lauren,

I am getting married in September and am having trouble finding the perfect makeup look for my wedding. I have had 4 makeup trials and they are never quite right. To give you an idea:

I am very fair (NW 15 in M.A.C foundation)
I have red undertones in my skin and yellow overtones
I have olive green eyes with gold flecks(similar to yours)
My eyes are slightly close set and not too big, so I like to make them look bigger when I can
My wedding dress in Champagne gold (very subtle gold)Here is my dress (it will be altered to be strapless):§ion=Bridal

I really would like my eyes to POP, but I also want to stay away from shimmery eyeshadows all over the lid (especially on the browbone) as they look to harsh in photos. Can you help me?

I appreciate any help you can give me.
Thank you,


LigeiaIII said...

Hi Lauren,

I absolutely love your vids and I was just wondering if you could post some in which you add some liquid/ mousse-like eyeshadows. I think the fx of the liquid eyeshadows are amazing, but most of the times I'm not sure if I'm using it quite right. I was also wondering if you could post something in which you make a mix of colors (e.g., black and light pink)... that would be cool, too! =:)

xoxox and keep the good work! You're inspiring!

Charlee said...

Hey, Laruen.

I was wondering if you could do a Brody Dalle inspired look.
She's my hero.
She's beautiful.



fashionaddicted said...

Hi Lauren!!
Just before I request to say I Absolutely LOVE you!!!
But not in a pervy way
I have a prom in a month and I was wondering If You could do a prom make-up look that isn't too much but its exciting, and cool!
Thankyou so much

Synthia said...

Hi Lauren!!

My only request is for you to come to the United States!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Croft said...

Hi Lauren!
I love your videos,and have learned so many things about applying makeup that I didn't know previously!Can you do a video on the looks from the link below? It's Alessandra Ambrosia, and I just love her makeup look!

You are so creative and talented! Thank you for the videos! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren!
I wondered if it was possible if yu could do tutorial on Dee Plume from Robots In Disguise? She has insanely mad make-up and I love her style.
She's the brunette, by the way :)

Thanks so much for all of your videos, you're so amazingly talented!


Oliviaaaaaaaaaaaa. x

Anonymous said...

Ah, sorry, the HTML got cut off :$



tessagoad said...

hi ! i like your amzaing!
can you do a make up tutorial on youtube plz ! a really funky look with a blue and greeny duzzle dust my barry m plz! xx love you lots
tessa x

Anonymous said...

Hey =]
I know it isn't the sort of thing you really do but I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to put on fake eyelashes cos I bought my first pair the other day but didn't have any luck on getting them in the right place so just gave up.
Thank you =]
Love from,
Elham [13 years old]

laineyrose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
laineyrose said...

hi, Lauren,

could you please do a tutorial on how to properly pluck eyebrows and the shapes we should use?

thanks so much!

your fan/friend,


indie.chick said...

hi lauren
first of all i luv ur make-up stuff just brill and have influenced me to be more experimental with my make0up and it is loadsa fun.
i was wondering if you could do a black and red look for all the scene/emos ppls out there lol
i luv the colours and its so hard 2find red eyeshadow or looks.
look 4ward 2 seeing all ur tutorials and trying them out
thanks, leanne

leila24 said...

hiya i love your vids on youtude. im definately going to try a few of them. but heres a few i would love to see you do from rihanna heres the links

leila24 said...

hiya jus wanted to say i love your videos on youtube. i'm definately going to try a few for the next party i go to here is a few ideas i got from rihanna

Starcor12 said...

Hi Lauren!! Love what you do and glad your here to share your skill with us all. I got my mom watching your tutorials but she has deep set eyes, can you do a tutorial for those people with deep set eyes? She uses lots of browns, bronzes but a tutorial with makeup tips, tricks for the deep set eyed folks would be great!


Anonymous said...

Oh my I AM COMPLETeLY amazed of how wel ur doing with everything. i remember when i subscribes to you when u had 9,000 subscribers and now u r just doing amazing. im such a fan. u r such a celeb now =D


peace IVONNA <3

Amanda said...

Hi! I was wondering if you could do the look from Miley Cyrus's new music video "7 Things."

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I LOOOOVE your make-up tutorials! I have a request for you. I have very deep/dark blue eyes. I would love if you could do a tutorial for people with dark blue eyes :). Incase you need a picture, here's a picture of my eyes :)

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway you could do Angelina Jolie's look in "Wanted?"

I've found a good picture showing what it looks like:

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway you could do Angelina Jolie's look in "Wanted?"

I've found a good picture showing what it looks like:

Andrew said...

Hi Lauren. I love your make-up tutorials. I've learned a lot and it's always fun watching your great looks. I was hoping you could try a Beyonce-inspired look. It's very "diva" and my friend has a party coming up, so I want to do a look similar to this...
Do you think you could help?

the link is:

Imi Threlkeld said...

my name is Imi and i was wondering if you could maby do a pink/black/silver punk princess look. i don't have a pic of it so if you do find time out of everything else to do then it would be wicked if you could surprise me, bcoz i'm shure i'll LOVE it!
i realy wish that i could meet you, but seeing as how you live in the UK and i live in Australia- its not gona happen. Boo Hoo, lol.
you are super talented!! and i love what you do!!
Keep Rocking the World
Imi :}

Imi Threlkeld said...

my name is Imi and i was wondering if you could maby do a pink/black/silver punk princess look. i don't have a pic of it so if you do find time out of everything else to do then it would be wicked if you could surprise me, bcoz i'm shure i'll LOVE it!
i realy wish that i could meet you, but seeing as how you live in the UK and i live in Australia- its not gona happen. Boo Hoo, lol.
you are super talented!! and i love what you do!!
Keep Rocking the World
Imi :}

Kelliepopham said...

Hello Lauren
First of all congratulations on all your amazing sucess i absolutly adore you videos and have shown loads of my friends your make up tutorials :)

Secondly.. Would it be cool to do a spanish inspired look? kind of like penelope cruz, as i am half spanish and would like to bring out my dark brown eyes and big lips with a smoldering black eye look and dark red lips.
Kind like in that piccy
No worries if you cant :)
Your doing an excellent job and people like you make the united kingdom look good :) xxx

Anonymous said...

^^ Hello Lauren!

You get so many request, so I am a bit afraid to request another, and add onto your already huge list. So I only request this as if you want to do it, or have the time.

I don't know if you get many request for this type of style, or maybe you have not heard of it. I want to request a tutorial on how to achieve the following Japanese Visual Kei look.

His name is Hizaki and his style is one I just have fallen in love with. So if it is possible, I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to achieve this look, even if you are not Asian.

Thank you ever so much.

NANCY YADI said...

Hello Ms Lauren i'd love if you could do a tutorial for a wedding in ivory, i have to be in one in august 09 and honestly i don't know what color will go good in dark brown eyes and in a ivory dress. Thank you so much for doing the tutorials and you are so talented. Keep up the good work.

Zaphod_* said...

Hi !!

I would really like if you can post a tutorial for this look :

I just went to your myspace page and noticed that you like Kat Von D to so hope you will do it :)

Thanks a lot !!

Anonymous said...

hey lauren! i was wondering if you could do a video tutorial on demi lovato's makeup. she tends to wear dark, smokey eye makeup. but i especially like the way it is in this video:

i'd REALLY appreciate it if you watched it, or at least most of it and got a good idea of how she does it in the video. it seems it's got black, dark blue, and silver colors in it. she's the one on the right, by the way. haha. i really love your work and have watched almost all your videos and you inspire the way i do my makeup everyday. actually, you inspired me to go to beauty school or something like that to learn more about doing makeup. i'm looking into interning at my local MAC counter once i'm 16 too. thank you for keeping me inspired, and please take a look at the video and see if you can make a tutorial for me. thanks!


Chlott said...

Hi Lauren.
Thanks for all the great videos, they are really helpfull.
Would you like to make a video about the makeup of Kiki Kannibal in this picture?

Thanks, and im sorry for my bad english.

Anonymous said...

Hey Laruen!
Could you please, please do a tutorial on a look inspired by Evanna Lynch at the Order of the Phoenix premiere? Here's the link:
I would really appreaciate it. And keep up the good work!

Cady said...

Hi! I love all of your videos and they've helped me achieve various peoples looks. For a long time now i have been trying to copy Hanna Beths look but just can't get the make up right. i knew that you would be able to easily. here is a website containing a ton of Hanna Beth photos

I would truly apreciate this. I also fully understand if you cannot make her look because you are amazing and other people are requesting tons of looks. You are still the best makeup artist on youtube!!!!

Taylor said...

Hi Lauren!!

I have a Very Unique looking Inspired Look.
He's the Lead Singer of My Chemical Romance Gerard Way.
It's a very purple dark look with black or dark soul above the eyelids.

Heres the url

K.Lynn said...

Hey Lauren! Could you do an Emilie
Autumn inspired look? Here are some

She has a great sense of style that I think you will enjoy


carolina said...

Hi Lauren!
First I want to say that I'm a huge fan of yours and you have really teached me amazing makeup tricks...

I wanted to know if you could do an Amy Lee Sweet Sacrifice inspired look... i wish i could send you a picture but I don't know how =P

Take care

Thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

Hello Lauren, I love your blog, its perfect for a girl like me who is a little eye make-up challenged. Id love for you to do a tutorial on Anne Hatheway's makeup in "Get Smart". I have a big anniversary coming up soon and think it would be a great look.


amy said...

Hi Lauren. I'm so impressed by your talents, and I always look forward to your next vid! Could you please do a Kat Von D inspired look?

Thanks so much,

Felics said...

Hello Lauren! I was wondering if I could do a tutorial on Tarja Turunen's make-up!
here are the photos!
That will be great!!!Danke :*:*:*:*!

Magda said...

Hi Lauren!
That will be nice to see a tutorial on Tarja Turunen's make-up!
Thank you!

kelty_m said...

I'd really love you to do eye-make-up in the style of Carly Smithson (nee Hennessey) as her blue eyes really stand out. Thanks!

kelty_m said...

here's a good photo of her!

Christina said...


I was hoping you can do a look that works with glasses - i love doing eye make up, then when i pp on my glasses, it's not the same. I have the fun chunky glasses (kind of like this

Thanks for all that you do!!!

(also fudgsicleflo on youtube)

jane doe said...

Lauren plz plz plz plz do this one on hilary duff's make up she looks extremely gorgeous here.... PLEASE..ur the most talented make up artist ive seen... ur the best

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! I know you have tutorials for brown eyes, but how about for green ones? I often have trouble choosing eye shadow colours, because I don't know what will, or how to, compliment them properly. I've tried but it always ends up looking garrish.

Anyhow, here's a link to a picture of an eye that is very, very similar to mine, except with less of the yellowy colour (they're mostly light green with limy-yellow flecks):

I would definitely appreciate any help for this dilemma. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I second the glasses request. :)

Lakin said...

PLEASE do a tutorial on Hilarie Burton from the tv show One Tree Hill I love this brown look, but I have olive skin and dark brown hair so every time I try to do any kind of dark color I look like I have bruised eyes so if you could please help me resolve that and achieve this look I would really really appreciate it!!!

Lakin said...

I would really love if you would do an audrey hepburn inspired look

Vikki said...

I was wondering if you could do a tutorial of Kym Ryder's makeup (Michelle Conner from Corrie)

Thank you!

Here's some pics (hope they help)

ayshamarty said...

heya, i was wandering if you could do a look inspired by gabrielle lang / eva longoria from desperate houswives or possibly even for all the girls.

i've included the links of somepictures which i think are easy to see - but the banner at the top of the website with all five of them has some good looks too if you are able to zoom in or something

thank you!

ayshamarty said...

ooooh yeh! i second the audrey hepburn look!!!

pinkshaz3 said...


I love you videos you have an amazing talent. can you please do some bollywood looks i think you will really like these as they focus heavily on the eye area and use lots of bright colours. can you please do this bipasha basu look she a is a top bollywood actress and model.I would love to be able to put the eye liner on like this. i have put a link below.
thank you


Stormygirl said...

Will you do this look:


Please and Thank You

Jess said...

Hi ! Great videos ! I really liked your Cher video. I'd love it if you would do an early Cher make up tutorial. Like from this youtube video:
It's in black and white but its more so for the eyeliner she wore either white or blue. Your great with makeup !
Thank you !

Escuela de comunicacion social said...

Oh mY Gerard! I love your videos...

I have a request :D

please please... i want the Helena Make up!!! (the make up of the model @ my chemical romance video) OHHH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEE....

sorry my english really sucks... im from VENEZUELA


btw... here a example helena make up


Escuela de comunicacion social said...

Another request...

I love KELLY OSBOURNE make up.... is so ORIGINAL and AMAZING...


fULL OF COLORS... so glam rock hollywood baby...

Ohh please

and I love JEFREE STAR make up... OH MY.... no words...

Love from VENEZUELA (South America)

marion said...

heyy Lauren omg i love all your makeup tutorials iv watched all your youtube videos like 300 times :P

could you possibally do a tutorial for kelly clarkson's a moment like this video ,,, please and thankyou

sorry these are some of the best pics i could find

appreciate it thanks

marion said...

heyy Lauren omg i love all your makeup tutorials iv watched all your youtube videos like 300 times :P

could you possibally do a tutorial for kelly clarkson's a moment like this video ,,, please and thankyou

sorry these are some of the best pics i could find

appreciate it thanks

Andreanna said...

Hi Lauren! I Love your Videos you do! So i was Wondering If you could do something with watermelon colors



Andreanna said...

Hi Lauren! I Love your Videos you do! So i was Wondering If you could do something with watermelon colors



Escuela de comunicacion social said...

Laureeeeen... i have more request... I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS...

i want all kelly osbourne make ups... so much color so much fun so much rock so much glamour... SO FABULOUS






or "Come dig me out" look

btw.. dont forget Helena make up request (my chemical romance video) & Jefree Star make ups... pleasee


love youuuu

Escuela de comunicacion social said...

more and more request...

I love PINK make up's (the singer xD)

like U + UR HAND video... you know?

check it out

nesrine said...

hi lauren
i was wondering if you can create this arabic look for me
thanks for your amazing tutorials

msorphius said...

Hi Lauren,

I watched your videos on make up for brown eyes. Can you do some for hazel eyes?

I also like this Rihanna look

Thanks so much for all your videos, they have helped me a lot!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren! Before I get to the request, I wanted to say thank you so much for all the work you've put into these videos. It really is an amazing thing you are doing. So, Thank you so much!

Okay, I have to tell you, I know zip about putting on make up. I was wondering if you had tips for evening out a fairly pale skin tone. I have trouble finding a good foundation because my skin is so pale and when I do find one, I have problems with it making my skin look flat and dull. What's the trick?

The other request, (and question, now that I think about it:P) was-- what is a really good everyday look for light blue eyes? And how would you change it to an evening/ slightly more formal look?

Woo... this is getting long. One more question left (I promise). What is the minimum I can spend on make up to achieve the look I wanted? I have very little right now (basic foundation and mascara, and thats about it.) I'm also not too sure on brands and brushes etc.

Thank you so much!

Andreanna said...

Hi~ Lauren Could you please make like a halloween look?
thanks bye

GothicSinner said...

Hi lauren! sorry for the repost but i didnt realise you wanted make up requests put here! silly me!
I was wondering if you could do a greeny make up inspired look for 'peter pan' with barry m make up, i know strange request right? but i'm having a fancy dress party and im goin as peter pan and would love to have someone as amazing as you do a make up look that i can use :)
There is no picture to use for make up ideas so this'll allow your creative skills to be let loose!
i have a link but its not very good but it just gives you the idea of his colours.
Btw you're my make up idol (if that makes sense)

Thanks a bunch!
Amy xxx

GothicSinner said...

Another request.
Would really love for you to do a tutorial for the make up in 'That's What You Get - Paramore' video

heres a few links.


Glinda said...


your videos are absolutley amazing and seriously ignore the people who are mean-can they do what you can i doubt it highly!!! anyway i was wondering if you could possible do a look with the new fine glitter dust in 'OPAL'. i bought it and love it but hvaent got a clue how to incorporate it in make up! so if you could that would be great
thanks, keep the videos coming!!

ihavenosecrets said...

First of all I adore your videos and I'm incredibly jealous of your talent because I can never figure out what to do with my eyes.
I would love to see you a tutorial on the makeup on the show Gossip Girl, especially the eye makeup that Blake Lively's character "Serena" wears.

best of luck! xoxo


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