Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cambridge here I come...

Hia Everyone,

We have snow, snow and more snow which really makes me feel like Spring has forgotten about us in the North East of England. I wait in hope though :)

I started something new which I am hoping I can stick to in the long run, just have the first initial 12 weeks to get through before I can enjoy a bit of food again.

The Cambridge diet...I seen a post from my friend Fay on Facebook telling how she had lost 2 stones in 6 weeks..well my eyes widened and I just had to find out how. As soon as she had replied I was away googling "The Cambridge diet" and decided to give it a go. I found a local consultant and headed off to her home for more advice and a weigh in.

Advice- Sole Source = 440-555 Kcal which is 3-4 CWP (Cambridge weight products) per day. I am 5"4 so I am on 3 CWP's per day but if you are 5"8 and above you can have 4 per day.
1 week minimum and 12 weeks maximum.

Julie my consultant told me that I really need to stick with just the 3 CWP's per day but if I felt that I just couldn't hack it any more then it was better to have a piece of chicken breast or a spoon full of tuna than to go mad on any other food. Funnily enough I have been craving only chicken/tuna & salad since I started on Thursday 14th March. I am only 4 days in and the first 3 were the absolute hardest I won't lie. I had to use all my willpower and I don't have much to stay with the program. I felt week, stressed, dizzy, a bit depressed and not to mention STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!
Then came the headaches which stayed with me all throughout the first couple of days even after taking painkillers.

I must have spoken to myself over 100 times within these couple of days saying "What on earth am I doing?" "Just eat what you want but be sensible" "sod this, can't hack it" "oh I can do it but... can I really?" "Maybe I am just a wimp? Others manage it fine" "Jeeezzz I am so hungry" "Do I really have to cook for family when all I can eat/drink are fluid meals?" "I can not sleep like this...need to shut the stomach up" "Oh man, this is awful I have so many hours to go before a shake" (whilst shaking)

OK so you get the picture I was not a happy bunny and the smells that came from the oven just made me so angry that I only had a shake to look forward to at 8pm because I had already stretched out my 141 calorie soup & 141 calorie porridge throughout the WHOLE DAY!!.

Start weight- 12st 6lbs
Weight- 39 inchs

Half day because I picked up my CWP's at lunch time and decided to start there and then so in theory this was an easier day....not really because it was all starting to dawn on me what I was in for.  Ate the 3 CWP's throughout the day and went to bed so hungry it was awful...I dreamed about the diet and only the diet that night.

Woke with headache....(POO) Hate headaches so took some nurofen and it went for a while whilst I waited for one of my 3 sachets. The porridges are gorgeous especially Toffee and Pecan and Apple and cinnamon. Very dizzy today and had some bad news which nearly made me think..Sod it I need some nice food inside me but I didn't. I behaved.

Woke with headache again but this time it didn't budge with the pain killers which just made me want to give up even more. My friend online told me that the headaches would fade and that day 4 was going to be better so I behaved again and kept going. I even ate my porridge on the go in the car because I wasn't going to waste a meal I'd made, not like I had loads to replace it with.

Last night- Day 3, I peed on the ketosis stick and it appears I am in ketosis....YEAH!!!! :) :) :)
As far as I can gather that means that my body is now burning fat....yeah burn you horrible fat you...

DAY 4 and I woke 8:38am feeling like a new person. I had a headache but...after a chilled bottle water and a coffee or two it went all by itself, something that never happens with me I tell you.
12:30pm I decide it is time for some soup so out with the oriental chilli which is quite nice. Not keen on the mushroom one so will be going to my consultants to do some swapsies :)
I am finding I have so much more energy than ever before and I feel quite happy today. I feel focused and the only cheat I will be doing if any is a piece of chicken or tuna at a push if I can't take it any more. Protein is a good way for you to stay on track and it won't ruin your diet. A whole chicken breast is 100 calories?? there abouts so I baked a breast in the oven dry and sliced once cooled. 2 pieces will help if I need. If.. :) so far I am enjoying the challenge.

More updates to come and I will post my weigh in results on Monday :)
Thanks for taking the time to read, share, comment and all that jazz!
Zoom zoom!
Lauren :)


Melanie Oberg said...

So proud of you! Especially for day #2!!!

Maria said...

Lauren, you CAN lose weight, be healthy and not having to starve!!! There really is a way and it involves real food. You know, fuel for our bodies and mind. Google low carb. Starving oneself while consuming industrially produced chemical sweeteners doesn't make sense. What we need to do is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE, that will last :) x

Pru Ryan said...

You're doing amazing babe. I've done Cambridge and Exante (same as Cambridge but no consultant and all online) and managed to lose 6 stone total before I fell pregnant and had to stop. I'd love to go back to them since I put all the weight back on using the excuse "I'm eating for two" :D but I'm still breastfeeding. Good luck with it hun, you can do it! xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, see a proper naturopath who will test you for minerals and vitamins you're deficient in and eat healthily from there on in and exercise moderately. Or do the juicing diet from the film "fat, sick and nearly dead" as it's healthy. Sorry to tell you but what you're doing is not healthy. at all. the headaches are a BIG clue. You're not eating enough calories to provide even normal brain function! I can't believe people still are so uneducated on healthy living that they resort to these faddy rubbish diets that are doomed to failure and worse are totally unhealthy. Urgh.

Azaza said...

You can do it Lauren. Maybe once you are used to that you can download the app called My Fitnass Pal, it is available on iOS and andriod. It is a calorie counter that will adjust according to your age, height, weight goal, etc. I prefer this method because I can still eat nearly whatever I want, of course avoiding junk foods, just in better portions for my body.

I think it would be better you use that as a starting point and then go on to calorie counting yourself since it will be better to make a lifestyle change permanently than just to lose weight and gain it back after leaving the program. All the best to you *hugs*

Emma bamforth said...

Hey, good job with the diet! it must be hard I was thinking about going on the diet too is it expensive? it's a big life style change but it looks like it really is worth it! so I wish you good luck on your journey!:)