Monday, 27 February 2012

Look what I found :)

I was looking through my make up room because I have been dying to get back in to colour cosmetics for my up and coming videos and I found these gorgeous eye shadow powders.
I remember back in the day (around 4 years ago) when I got given Lumiere cosmetics for reviews. There are around 20 eye shadows and 2 or 3 face powders, not sure I still have them all but they are a blast from the past to say the least.
I am not even sure you can still buy these ( I hope so) because if you do get a chance to grab a few they are well worth it and highly pigmented. Not sure on the price point but I remember them not being expensive considering the amount of applications per pot. There are only a few that are used up and I cant remember using them so me thinks there has been some spillages.

Here are the eye powders...just look at the sparkle and apologies for my not so great camera quality. I think its time to trade in the old for a new one if I am to enjoy posting pictures for you :)
From top to bottom, left to right:

*Lavender Pearl*
*Prismatic Green*
*Raspberry Margarita*
*Glimmer Green*
*Gold Sparkle*
*Orange Glaze*
*Deep Forest Green*
*Cat's Eye*
*Peacock Blue*
*Raspberry Truffle*
*Peppermint Patti*

I love these shades and colour payoff and can not wait to start using them again. I lost track of so much of my make up after moving from my Mam's house and then my old house. Boxes with wrong descriptions on makes for lots of lost goodies! :) Men...never let them write whats in a box if you are moving ;)

I have some more make up goodies coming up and all will be used in my up and coming videos! :) #EXCITEDVERY

Zoom Zoom,



DianeV said...

Makes me think of "couleur folle" from Lise Watier!

Riley Davis said...

Oh gosh, LOVE the sparkles!

Dan Clegg said...

i love the pigmentation of the colours and i might just use tht collection for inspiration for a fashion line im doing!

mymagicwonderland said...

wow soooo many colours!!your make up wil be amazing.

Dan Clegg said...

lauren wud u like to work on a fashion collection with me