Thursday, 29 March 2012

Before & after fun pics!

Hia Everyone,
For the past few days I have been asking for pictures from people to alter with photo editing software. This all started because some one asked how they would look with blue eyes.
Then someone made a picture of me "Before & after" and I thought it was a lovely personal gesture that someone would do that for me so I decided as a thank you for watching my videos and always being lovely and supportive in your comments I wanted to do the same for you. Since then so many of you have sent me your photos to alter and with the permission to do as I like and post them to my blog and or put in to an up and coming video.

Thanks to everyone that participated and if you would like to send your photo to me to have a play around with for you, send them to me at

Here are some of the pictures so far :)

"Gabriela before"
"Gabriela after" (sounds like happy ever after :)

"Beth before"
"Beth after"
"Chrys before"
"Chrys after"

"This is Gian, He asked me for some red highlights :)"
"After, His hair looks cool"

"Hannah before"
"Hannah after"
"Marjorie before"
"Marjorie after"
Haley asked me to give her blue eyes and a little bit of make up.
"Haley after"

"Georgette before"
"Georgette after"
If you would like to see some more let me know? and if you have any pics of yourself that you own and you'd like me to play around with then send them to me at
Please try and send photos that are a better quality as this enables me to get better effects for you. I cant work with far away blurry or shadowed. I wish I could :)

Hope you enjoyed this post, even if it was a bit long but..I haven't been on here for a while so hopefully you will excuse me :)

Thanks for reading, following, subscribing, commenting and sharing with your friends because it all helps and is much appreciated.

Zoom zoom!
Lauren :)


Gabriela said...

Haha, the first person, that´s me! :D It´s kinda embarrasing, but now I feel so special that my photo is in this blog. It´s an honor. :) This definitely made my day! :)

panacea81 AKA Lauren Luke said...

:) glad you like it & no need to be embarrassed. You are gorgeous.

Birdlady said...

I love these. The purple hair is fantastic!

xylz said...

love! what software did you use? I love playing around with photos too. <3

Georgette said...

Thank you so much for doing my picture Lauren, I totally love it! (I quite fancy getting purple hair now because it looks awesome!)Thanks so much for putting my pic up on your blog!
Love your work, you're an inspiration :) x x

Makeup By Cliona said...

They are so cool! Love the last one with the purple hair :)

Bryony Bell said...

I sent you mine, my email starts with bratzbabebb :D I'm the one who wants to look like a vampire type thing!

kaishiza said...

Wow those all look so lovely. I absolute love the one with purple hair :))

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! I tagged you in a post on my blog. Check it out: