Sunday, 11 March 2012

China Glaze New collection! "Capitol Colours" HUNGER GAMES ♥

Hia Everyone,

What do you think of my new nails?

I am loving messing around, not as creative as some I might add but nonetheless having fun!

This is the brand new collection from China Glaze called "Capitol Colours" and I think you will agree they are all equally gorgeous.

China Glaze® Capitol Colours will be available in early March 2012 at salons and specialty beauty retailers including Sally Beauty Supply and ULTA stores, coinciding with the release of THE HUNGER GAMES in theatres March 23, 2012.  Individual shades retail for $7.  The collection will be available in a 12-piece counter display as well as open stock colors.

This is my newest nail job and I am calling this look Naughty Lingerie. (Don't ask why) there is just something about the colours.
I am wearing
*Fast Track*
*Smoke and Ashes*
*OPI rapid dry top coat*

 I am hoping to do some more nail designs that could easily be worn on a daily basis.
If you have a blog of nails, show me and post your link? Id love to be nail inspired.

Thanks for reading, subscribing, commenting, following and sharing with friends because it all helps and is much appreciated.

Zoom zoom!
Lauren :)


RetroLove19 said...

This nail look is beaut!! So simple but so gorgeus! Love your blog, you inspired me to start my own :)
Katie x

Andrea said...

I love your combo! Definitely gonna try it in the future :) It looks very classy and chic! I just recently started my own little nail blog, I'd be honored if you'd check it out.

Babs said...

niiiice!! easy & effective.. :) as i am SO into polish, i have to admit, i envy you the new china glaze polishes, as we can't buy them in here so easy.. if you like to, you can chceck my blog! would love to know your opinion on it.. Thank you!

3 Girls Blog said...

Your nails look amazingly gorgeous! I love them. Unfortunately I can never grow my nails long because they peel :(
I also can't wait to see what else you have in store for us with the Naked palettes! I'm VERY excited for those tutorials =)

Cupcakes said...

These look lovely, great job!

I would love if you'd take a look at my aztec-inspired nails :)

Enigma said...

Simple but wearable :) my blog has a lot of nail designs if you want to have a peek?

Samantha Williams said...

Love your nails, and I love the colour dress me up x

Gemma-Louise said...

I love these they look so elegant xo

Casio-Star said...

Those two colours look really nice together, i've also been messing around with my nails lately but with brighter colours and patterns :)
Here's one of my posts for you to look at :)

Twefrence said...

I've been following her blog for over a year now.

Amy said...

this is a great looking set of polish. i really like what you did and your name for it too lol. if you get a chance give the China Glaze magnetix a try :)

Maria said...

What a great combo! <3
Oh how I wish I could get the Capitol Colours, as I am a huge HG fan! Sadly I haven't seen them anywhere here in Sweden :'(

Linn Marit said...

Thank's for the tip of China Glaze new collection, I do love china glaze, so will have a look for them.

Just wanted to say you are truly an inspiration, I have never really worn alot of makeup, but you have inspired me to be bolder!

perfect dreamer said... just did them myself last week!

Alexis said...

Lovely colour combo! I'm dying to get my hands on the Capitol collection, I've just finished the books too so I'm a bit Hunger Games mad at the moment!

I've not long started my nail blog but would love you to take a look


Johanna said...

Awesome nails :) I'm such a fan of your work on YouTube - but didn't know you had a blog until now (shame on me, I know) I'm glad I found this, though, so I can follow! xoxo ♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much for showing this collection to me :D When I saw your video with these nailpolishes I just found a website where they were selling them - and bought the hole collection! And we picked them up at the post office (I think its called? I'm from Denmark, and my English pretty bad at the time xD) anyways, we picked them up and brought them homethis Saturday :D I was just soo exited! They are even more beautiful in real life :b I just love them - and you and your vides! Your just amazing with makeup and nail polishes ;)
Elsker dig og det du gør, Farvel og "på gensyn" ;)
- Anna :}

Anonymous said...

Holy **** I made many mistakes O_o (xD)