Thursday, 8 March 2012

I am loving Youreecards right now!

Hia Everyone,

I have just found out more about Yourecards after seeing them tagged often in Facebook. I went to check what the hype was about and found that you can make your own and share them.

So I did :) I am going to look at this new exercise as a way to exercise my demons and my many dislikes of life.

For a while now I have wanted to invent a laptop which has a magic button for those days where you log on and wish to log off just as fast.

My magic laptop would have a special button where the enter key would be and if something pi**es you off there and then you can press your magic button for the keyboard to open up and turn in to a sand pit for you to bury your head in to.

I have had many a moment like this online especially after reading some emails or reading a comment that was left for me to bring me down.

Anywho these ecards are going to be fun and I will post the ones I make and if you have any you made? I'd love to see them too :)

You can tell the world how you feel with a caption :)

The poor girl at the front only has 4 followers :(

& here is the one that I think companies should take a look at :)

Tell me do you want to see more & share yours on your blog for me to check out?

Laters alligators!

Zoom zoom!
Lauren :)


Layla said...

I swear you crack me up with the keyboard with the sand pit! hahahaha! Too cute! Your e-cards are cute, especially the one about the companies! Did you come up with the caption on your own? Cuz if you did, your sense of humour is like spot on! Lol good ones!

Jannine said...

poor thing, i feel sorry for the fact that you had to take all that crap from just random people that chose to be mean. but i´d say i feel worse for them for being so sad and pathetic to take it out on you.
i´m loving this new space you created to be in contact with your followers!
i haven´t created any fun cards... but if i do i´ll let you know.
XO Jannine

Palenaka said...

Lauren! I know it is impossible to just ignore all the haters out there. You just have to remember what it is like for all of your subscribers that enjoy you and all of your posts! I get so happy when I see you've uploaded something new! It makes my day and you inspire me to be creative and gorgeous! You are a true artist with talent and skills!!!!!