Saturday, 3 March 2012

My high street mini haul ♥

Hia Everyone,

So today I went shopping to get my Gym gear in ready for tomorrow and I found a sports bra :) so thats sorted.
New trainers, a couple of sports tops and joggy bottoms. They were not exactly what I really wanted but hey...anything will do to cover this until I am ready for what I really want to wear. The tops are black Adidas and they did cling a little but I find now more than ever in sports clothing the brands seem to be going for the fashionable look when making them rather than the "to work out comfortably in look".
So yes I hang slightly but hey if I stick to getting healthy with diet and exercise then Il be wearing them a lot more comfortably in no's hoping ;)

Whilst I was out and about shopping I popped in to Superdrug for 5 minutes, although this initial 5 minutes turned in to an hour because there was just so much decision making to do ;)

I found some really nice affordable make up to show you all, Il do swatches and prices etc. I found a new make up line called FAMOUS by Sue Moxley, never heard of the line before but the make up did look eye catching so I picked up some pieces and you will see the whole lot in my up and coming videos.

Here are some pics :)

Bronze pot- Miami

Shimmer Brick- Pink
Eye shadow - Shade 5

I also got some Maybelline products because I do like this brand and they had some fab new stuff I thought You'd also like.

I got:

Dream satin liquid 20 Sand, 01 Lasting Drama Gel liner-Intense black, Falsies Mascara

I also saw this smokey eyes palette from Collection 2000 and just had to have it. I love smokey eyes and the colours in this palette looked really nice. By the way, I thought the cream was an eye base but it's not, Its an eye bright cream for the inner corners of the eyes.

There are no colour names as such just descriptions such as Light, medium and dark with a how to use step by step guide on the back.
There was only one thing I wanted from MUA, to be honest I do have a few of their eye shadows already and they are ok for the price. I ended up getting a blush which I did like the look of and its got a really nice finish. £1 each for all their products.....amazing!
Tiniest bit of shimmer does me :) Shade 1

Now for some Bourjois Intense eye shadows. I have always loved the colours that Bourjois come out with however up until these "Intense" eye shadows their original ones just do not pack a punch and it is so frustrating when you are sat there with nicely coloured eye shadows that don't apply well.
These do....Finally!

01 & 05, No names weird?

Last but not least I grabbed a couple of Rimmel lipsticks "Kate Moss" Collection colours and I have to say I already have similar colours to these but they were beautiful and I wasn't keen on the other colours this collection had to offer. The colour payoff is good, hopefully you will see in the photos.

03 & 08
So that's it and my shopping spree for high street finds ends here. I will be putting together some looks with these products in my up and coming videos so if you are interested in seeing them in action, Stay tubed! :)

Take care for now and I will see you all again in a bit.

Zoom zoom!
Lauren :)


Layla said...

Oh wow! These are awesome! That bourjois 01 I CANNOT wait to see!!! Excited much!

panacea81 AKA Lauren Luke said...

Hahah me too! Thanks Layla :)

Louise said...

great buys Lauren - that MUA blush is one of my favourites - so pigmented for the price xx

Gemma-Louise said...

The shimmer brick looks fab. I love the colours in the palette too xo

TGW said...

Wow, so jealous that you have the Famous brand in your super drug as that shimmer brick is awesome. It got discontinued from the two super drugs next me :(

Muffin0816 said...

I want to see your new sport clothes!

Anonymous said...

nice haul... waiting for your post on the MUA lipstick swatches.

Bobo Sora said...

your determination to get into gear has inspired me to start working out. Every time I get out there, I think of you :)

SkyNet said...

I absolutely love Collection 2000 Eyeshadows. They are just amazing!
So easy to put them on and they stay for a long long time. My personal record was 13 hours of wearing them. And at the end, they was like I just put them on. So amazing!

SkyNet said...

But to be honest I didn't like Bourjois at all. You'll need to put a lot of eyeshadow to actually see them on.

Shahrzad Irani said...

Wow the Bourjois color is AMAZING!! Also, I wish I could find MUA Cosmetics in US. :/